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The Thanos is here, we are the Avengers!

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Who would have thought that the cinematic portrayal of the AVENGERS ENDGAME of a menacing Thanos determined to wipe out half the life on earth with the snap of a finger would become a stark reality in the form of COVID-19 just under one year after its release? The euphoria of AVENGERS ENDGAME is matched in equal proportions with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.

Indeed, the manner in which COVID-19 is spreading its tentacles around the world by morphing into different variants has become alarming. Elusively slipping below the radar of the medicinal interventions in the form of medical fraternity akin the AVENGERS team, joining hands and resources to stand and fight against modern THANOS. So far THANOS is winning the battle. But would the AVENGERS ultimately win the war in the final analysis by triumphing over COVID-19, as AVENGERS did win by traveling back in time, but at a great cost?

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The belief of Thanos and his commitment to implement his idea into reality stemmed from his philosophy. That on a planet with too many people and limited resources, the equilibrium between resources and inhabitants could be achieved only if half of the population just vanished away. So that the remaining half will end up having more than they need, solving the world’s problems.

But that was Thanos who, at the least, had a ‘positive’ and so-to-say unselfish motive behind his actions. Thanos was dispassionate towards the cause and so he did not think twice before sacrificing his daughter as well, in his quest to obtain infinity stones. COVID-19 has turned the survivors, part-Thanos, post-death of a relative, as we today are not even inclined to associate with the process of funeral!

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Hardly a place is left in the world where corona virus pandemic has not reared its head akin to the endgame where people just started vanishing around the globe in a whiff with a snap of fingers. World indeed has gone topsy-turvy and the snapping of the fingers continues to manifest in one or the other morphed form. Cities and countries which did not report cases are coming within its grip after a time-lag.

Akin to AVENGERS ENDGAME in the practical world of ours, the ‘Infinity Stones’ at our disposal are:

  • Wearing Face Mask
  • Covering the mouth & nose
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Not to touch the eyes, nose & mouth
  • Stepping out only when absolutely necessary
  • And, the crowning glory would be the vaccine / medicine.
Who would have thought that the cinematic portrayal of the AVENGERS ENDGAME of a menacing Thanos would become a stark reality in the form of COVID-19?
Follow rules to protect from covid-19
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Well, this may sound too ‘filmy’ but the fact of life as of today is that all the variants of Infinity Stones mentioned have value no less than those of Infinity Stones of AVENGERS ENDGAME. Thanos willy nilly by hook or by crook acquired all the stones to get the superpower to snap his fingers and turn half of living creatures into dust.

Fortunately, the THANOS that we are facing in actuality in the form of COVID-19, still is in the ‘amoebic stage’ and we can deny it the ‘superpower status’ by rigorously pursuing the Infinity Stones at our disposal referred above so that the fiction does not become a reality.

In AVENGERS ENDGAME, AVENGERS could win the battle with a great monumental loss on account of the fact that they were technically laced with gadgets while we in practicality are still groping in dark to get our medicines.

The game in which we have been pushed into, is being played with both of our hands tied behind the back and with blinker on, so it indeed is imperative that we be passionate about our Infinity Stones and persevere with it, if we wish to survive against the real THANOS in the form of COVID-19!

(With inputs from Nitin Jain)

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