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To maintain control over business of cinema, families step in to promote wards: MAUSAM latest offering in the list

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While Big B may have been different whereby he has not launched or re-launched his son Abhishek Bachchan, parents of the film fraternity at one point or the other tighten up the shoe laces and try to provide a launching or a re-launching career to their sons and daughters. No wonder, Pankaj Kapur sitting on the sidelines for quite a long time watching the development of his son Shahid Kapoor's career, has also jumped into the fray with MAUSAM, which incidentally also includes Sonam Kapoor, a part of the film family. On the eve of MAUSAM's release it indeed is an opportune time to have a relook at those movies:

Shobhna Samarth- HAMARI BETI: Way back in 1950s Shobhna Samarth decided to launch her elder daughter Nutan through this film wherein Shobhna Samarth's younger daughter Tanuja had also played the role of a child artist. So the legacy of undertaking such interventions is in existence for the last 60 years.

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KAL AAJ AUR KAL: Raj Kapoor through this film tried to re-launch the fledgling career of Randhir Kapoor. But the results were mixed, however Raj Kapoor being the eternal film maker did not lose hope.

BOBBY: It was RK films magnum opus that gave to Hindi cinema one of its biggest lover boys Rishi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor's second son and after BOBBY Rishi Kapoor never looked back.

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RAM TERI GANGA MAILI: Raj Kapoor was not partial as far as his sons were concerned; therefore he gave a re-launch opportunity to his third son Rajiv Kapoor. Though the film was a phenomenal hit, Rajiv Kapoor's career could never take off.

Sunil Dutt- ROCKY: Sunil Dutt also decided to launch his recalcitrant son Sanjay Dutt, as his wife Nargis Dutt had this desire to see his son on the silver screen, and result was ROCKY. Though Sanjay Dutt slept through the film, as it was apparent from his eyes thirty years down the line he is a force to be reckoned with in Hindi cinema.

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Rajinder Kumar- LOVE STORY: It is one of the most amusing mysteries of Hindi cinema that though LOVE STORY was one of the biggest block buster, a launching vehicle for Kumar Gaurav by his father Rajinder Kumar, Kumar Gaurav could never find his moorings in the world of Hindi cinema and within a generation the Jubilee Kumar's phenomenal success at box office became a part of folk lore.

Dharmendra and his sons and daughters 
Dharmendra also was not far behind when the opportunity came to launch his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol through BETAAB and BARSAAT. Besides, after such a long gap, he again has associated himself with the re-launch of his daughter Esha Deol through TELL ME O KKHUDA, which incidentally is being produced and directed by Hema Malini.

Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan 
Right from BHAGWAN DADA to KAHO NA PYAAR HAI where Rakesh Roshan introduced Hrithik Roshan as an actor to Hindi cinema world, he has been at the back of giving support to his son's career. Therefore he made KRISSH and is now making KRISSH 2.

Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt 
From the time when he launched his daughter Pooja Bhatt through DADDY Mahesh Bhatt ensured that till Pooja Bhatt acted she had to be there in his films; be it SIR, ZAKHM, DIL HAI KI MANTA NAHI etc.

Apart from these notable initiatives the other such interferences worth mentioning include Naseer Hussain launching Aamir Khan through QSQT, and Faizal Khan through MADHOSH, and Vashu Bhagnani doing the same for his Jackie Bhagnani through KAL KISSNE DEKHA and FALTU. In between these films, Feroze Khan tried to launch and re-launch his son Fardeen Khan through PREM AGAN and JANASHEEN, but without success. Even Anil Kapoor jumped into the fray for the sake of his daughter Sonam Kapoor through AISHA.

One thing is apparent from the above that while the film fraternity may advocate the fact that an actor even after a launch has to find his moorings, it continues to provide help to a fledging career as and when it is required. So we may blame Dhritrashtra for imposing a Mahabharata on history for sake of his son in the end we all are Dhritarashtras when it is a question of well-being and welfare of our children.

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