Sunday, October 24, 2021

TURNING 30: New Age of youth for female that has oomph & sexuality

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More than two decade ago when Jeetendra was at his peak, he had advertised for a energy capsule called Forty Plus underlining the fact that for a man when he reached forty years of age, it does not mean that he has grown old, but indeed it is the time to start a new life. With TURNING 30 releasing tomorrow the bar has shifted for woman as well, and now reaching thirty is no more a taboo in Indian context and this is the underlining motif for the Gul Panag starring film. 

Though, TURNING 30 is a film which has the urban milieu as a focus it indeed is a monumental step forward, as it is attempt to do away with the taboo of an urban woman who is single, unmarried, but still is inclined and ready to mingle, and through the film it wants the society as well to change its views and perceptions. 

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Directed by first time director Alankrita Srivastava, who has worked with Prakash Jha in films like GANGAJAL, APHARAN, LOK NAYAK, RAAJNEETI etc., it is a chick flick, but with substance, underlining the importance of reaching 30 years of age in adult Indian life of a woman. Indeed, it could also help in changing the perspective of the average male viewer of the country, that a woman actor who after TURNING 30 indeed becomes a performer par excellence. Example of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, etc., all is self-illustrative. 

The new spirit of joy de vivre in which the woman of the present age lives and basks could not have been captured in a much better manner than by a woman herself. Besides, Gul Panag is the perfect choice to underline this transformation as she epitomizes the new confident woman, manifest from her initiatives to drive Bullet motorcycle to promote TURNING 30 in Delhi, as also undertaking the same once again in the campus of Delhi University. 

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TURNING 30 is an urban film as it strives to tackle as diverse issues that an urban woman, single to that, in metropolitan cities faces, like being caught alone on road with her car breaking down, or to cope up with the life breaking down all alone, all kinds of stresses that a modern urban woman faces, be it related to home, work or social life. 

One only hopes that the positive thumps up that Indian audience has given to NO ONE KILLED JESSICA would be bestowed on TURNING 30 as well, as it again is a different film.

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