An Interview with fashion & fitness model and actor Karan KO Oberoi

In this exclusive interview with India’s top (male) model Karan KO Oberoi who is also known as KO who talks about modelling world, fashion, fitness, food & much more.

An Interview with fashion & fitness model and actor Karan KO Oberoi
An Interview with fashion & fitness model and actor Karan KO Oberoi

From being featured on the cover of Men’s Health to the face of popular ad campaigns to starring in some of the fashion shows for biggest fashion designers and winner of famous titles as a model. This stunning, multi-talented has us star struck. In this exclusive interview with India’s top (male) model Karan Oberoi who is also known as KO who talks about modelling world, fashion, fitness, food & much more.

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Ethnicity: North Indian
Profession: Fashion Model, Fitness Model and Actor.
Current Location: Mumbai, India
Milestones: Karan Oberoi aka KO has been the poster boy of Fashion Big Bazaar apparel brand for two consecutive years. He has modelled for Royal Enfield Bike’s Riding Apparel and Japanese Automobile brand Isuzu and Reebok India. He has appeared on the cover for Health & Nutrition and Men’s Health. He has also been the face of famous fitness brands such as Viva Fitness and British Nutrition.

How did you become a model?

I really never thought I would ever be a model. I am a double post-graduate. After completing my MBA I worked with an advertising firm. While working with this firm I got an opportunity to model. I really enjoyed doing the assignment and thought of pursuing modelling as a full time career.

Actor Model Karan Oberoi KO with Abs
Actor Model Karan KO Oberoi
What was your first big break in the modelling (industry)?

I have shot for some big brands but fashion and fitness editorials which I did for Hindustan Times was really special, I got some great response on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that reminded me of how things can happen organically and when you least expect it in the modelling industry. The fact that I was being featured every other day in HT City lifestyle had given me fame that even brands couldn’t do. My first break was shooting for a leading apparel brand – Spunk sports wear.

Any interesting shoots that you’ve done as a model?

Honestly, all shoots are interesting as I enjoy doing my job but definitely being a bike lover, it has always been special and I loved shooting for Royal Enfield bike riding apparels.

Who’s your favourite photographer you’ve shoot with, why?

All of them have been great. However, I enjoyed shooting with Tarunn sir the most. He’s a commercial fashion photographer from Bengaluru. A special thing about working with Dabboo Ratnani is that he makes everything special and grand; keeps motivating the model until he gets the best shot.

You are currently in Mumbai. How is a models life in Mumbai?

Yes I live in Bandra, an upscale suburb in Mumbai right now. Originally I belong to New Delhi, which is great for fashion but Mumbai is good if you are looking for work in commercial space. I have done modelling in almost all the cities of India – New Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. but Mumbai has always been special, perhaps people in Mumbai have better work culture, they pay you good and on time too!

Could you describe your daily routine as a model, people would like to know?

I try to live life in the most disciplined way. I try to sleep on time and get up early in the morning. I live away from all sorts of vices such as smoking, alcohol, etc. I try to engage in various sorts of physical activities – either it’s gym training or playing some sport or running everyday – to look fit and also enjoy reading motivational books that keeps me positive. I model because I am passionate (about modelling) and when I am in front of the camera it gives me immense happiness and give my very best.

What’s your favourite outfit?

My favourite outfit is a blue denim, white shirt and a black leather jacket. I love getting dressed like a macho.

Five words that would describe Karan ‘KO’ Oberoi by his friends.

Disciplined, stylish, honest, handsome and hardworking.

What is your favourite healthy snack?

Brown bread chicken sandwich and orange juice.

What is your all time favourite movie and why?

Sylvester Stallone starrer Rocky; this movie is the biggest reason to put me into a fitness model zone from a fashion model. Whenever I see it, I really get inspired.

Do you have any advice for those who want to get into modelling?

It’s a tough field but you need to keep moving with a positive attitude. Keep working on your skills like posing, walk, facing camera, style and attitude.

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