Evelyn Sharma: It’ll be amazing to sing in Bollywood for Pritam


Actress Evelyn Sharma, who wowed the audience with her sexy roles in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI and MAIN TERA HERO among others, is now all set to floor the masses with her singing talent. In an exclusive chat, Evelyn talks about her musical journey, her International single 'Something Beautiful' and her forthcoming projects! Here are the excerpts from the interview:

What made you venture into singing?
I love singing but I am more like a shower singer. But when I was on the promotions of my first film FROM SYDNEY WITH LOVE, I met the producer of my song Brooklyn Shanti. He told me that 'Evelyn you really have a nice voice so please record something' and that is how I thought about this. I was given a chance and that is how 'Something Beautiful' happened.

Are you formally trained in music?
No not at all. I used to sing in the Church's choir when I was young but I am not trained and this is the first time I have sung professionally.


Many B-town actresses have been singing recently. Is that the reason you decided to venture into it?
I think back in the days of Bollywood, the actresses had to be trained in many things like they had to learn dancing, acting etc. However, now may be it has become easier to do all that so actresses feel like they can try something new and challenging. Hence we try to sing, design or something which is not done. But this song was done almost a year ago so it is not keeping in mind the trend or something. As far as other actress are concerned, I have not spoken to them but I am sure they too like to be challenged.

Acting, designing and now singing. What else are you planning to do?
I do lot of things. Though I am always focused on movies but also I love to try different things.

Who's your favourite singer in Bollywood?
I love Neha Kakkar who sung 'Paani Paani' song from YAARIYAN. She is a doll and sings very nicely. She is my favourite.


Did you listen to Alia, Shraddha or Priyanka's song? Which one did you like?
I was actually out of India so I didn't get an opportunity to listen to their songs. But I will check them out soon.

Who inspired you to get into singing?
I am a huge fan of Kelis and I love how she speaks her mind with her own songs.

How did you pen the lyrics of the song?
For me writing lyrics is like penning down a story. It is like writing some thoughts of mine and bringing them into an order. I did that and then Brooklyn put the melody on top of it.


Why did you decide to go International with your album?
It wasn't really a decision. Brooklyn asked me to record and I said yes. It wasn't a conscious decision and it just happened naturally.

Now do you plan to sing in Bollywood?
Let's see. My Hindi has become better now, so if I get to sing in Bollywood it would be amazing.

Who is your favorite composer in Bollywood?
Pritam! He is very talented. It will be amazing if I get to work with him.

What is the status of BHAIYAJI SUPERHIT?
Actually I just finished shooting for another film. It's a love story with two other actors. I can't speak much about it yet because it will be announced soon. I play a Himachali girl in it. Meanwhile BHAIYAJI SUPERHIT is happening. Sometimes bigger movies take longer time. I am also doing a thriller titled DANKH which will go on-floors soon. I have a glamorous role in it.

(By Urvi Parikh)