Interview : Aamir Khan


‘I’m at the peak of my career’

With a fit body and charming personality, Aamir Khan can easily trick you to believe that he is in his 30s. But that’s not really true as Aamir is celebrating his 46th birthday today. Catch him in a candid chat as he mulls over the year gone by and what lies ahead.

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view AAMIR KHAN SPORTS NEW LOOK picture gallery

How do you plan to celebrate your special day?
I’m busy shooting for my next suspense film (directed by Reema Kagti). Luckily it was an off today. So, I will spend my day with my ammi, kids, Kiran and other family members. I love spending time with them.

What has been your biggest achievement till date?
My biggest achievement is the love and respect that I have got from people. It is very difficult to achieve that. My family, who is very near to me, is also my achievement.

You are on the wrong side of 40s now. Does that scare you?
No, it doesn’t. I don’t think of it really. I’m quite happy with the kind of success I have got with age. With the passing of years I have had a lot of good things happen to me. I’ve had many amazing experiences. At this point of time, professionally, I’m at the peak of my career. Personally also, I’m very happy with the kind of things that are happening around me and my family. I’m happy that I’m doing well.

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You have achieved many milestones in your career. Is there anything that you still want to achieve?
I am grateful to God for giving me so much. People have given me their love and blessings. I’m very happy. If you see, there’s no end to our wants. I believe that whatever we get in life, we should be satisfied with that.

Who was the first person to wish you?
Kiran was the first to wish me. I was shooting at Mehboob Studious yesterday. I left Mehboob Studio to be at home before 12 a.m. and she left home to meet me there. So she had to rush back home. Kiran and Junaid came together to wish me.

You are happily married at 46. Is there anyone in Bollywood whom you would like to get married?
I’m waiting for Salman to get married. I think everyone is. The day he gets married, it will be very special day for all of us. He has many beautiful girls roaming around him. He has many choices.

Last year, you had made certain promises to yourself. Have you been able to keep them?
I wanted to learn Marathi last year, which I started to learn. Then, I wanted to spend more time with ammi, which I did. She’s living in Mumbai since the past month and is living in my same building. Kiran and I have been staying in her flat. I even started learning swimming which I wanted to. I wanted to learn cooking, but haven’t been able to do so yet.

Looking at the year gone bye, you produced two films with female directors – Anusha Rizvi (PEEPLI [LIVE]) and Kiran Rao (DHOBI GHAT). Was it a conscious decision?

I’m very happy that as a producer I supported good talents. Anusha and Kiran are very talented directors. Even my next film is being directed by Reema Kagti, who’s a woman. All through the years we have mainly seen films which have been directed by men. We have only seen men’s take on emotions and relations. Now, we are seeing women directors and their perspective. I’m very happy to support women directors.

You are sporting a moustache. Tell us something about your current look.
This look is of the character that I’m playing in Reema Kagti’s film. His name is Surjan Singh Shekhawat.

What’s the status of your next production, DELHI BELLY?
DELHI BELLY is ready and its promotional activity will begin soon. The film has shaped up pretty well. We have made what we intended to. Abhinay Deo, who is the director, has done a fantastic job. All the artists have worked well. Akshat has written a very good script. It’s a comedy and we are targeting the youth of the country. It will release on 1st July.