Interview : Abhishek-Aishwariya

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Bachchan Jr and his ‘bahu’ Aishwarya have turned mythological these days, thanks to Mani Ratnam’s RAVAANA where they play the title role and Sita respectively. The film is now being shot in Kolkata. Our correspondent gets into a light-heated tete-a-tete with the duo on ‘intense’ factors of life.

Why is that no unit member ready to tell what RAVAANA is going to be like?
Abhishek: Because, he (Ravaana) is not a cool guy to mess up with (bursts into laughter).
Aishwarya: I will answer that…it’s because of a few reasons. The film is director Mani Ratnam’s dream project and a tough one too. It’s not a modern-day Ramayana, but Mani’s own interpretation of the epic set in today’s time. So, all cast and crew need to focus intensely on their roles to understand the character and interpret it on-screen. There must not be any interferences or diversions. Besides, it’s not the right time to promote the film…we are still shooting for it. If we talk to media about it now, there are ample chances that

‘Ash is the best co-actor one
can ever get..’

journos will misinterpret the entire thing and hence it will send wrong vibes to the audience. And an additional reason for me not talking to press is because of my tight schedule. If you ever work for Mani in future, you will understand he keeps his shooting schedules so tight-knit that you can hardly get a time to relax on the sets. Even, our sleep is time-bound while shooting. Then, I am playing ‘Sita’ in both Tamil and Hindi versions, while other actors will differ in the two versions. So, I am undergoing double pressure and after long hours of ‘lights, camera, sound, action’, I feel totally drained out.

But, despite your tight schedule, you made it to DELHI 6 premiere and Filmfare Awards ?
Aishwarya: That’s what love makes you do dear. I wanted to be with Abhishek my best pal and hubby-to encourage him on the release of his new film. And, Filmfare Awards is the Oscar of Bollywood. So, really couldn’t afford to miss on that.

So Aishwarya is playing ‘Sita’ and Abhishek ‘Ravaana’ ?
Aishwarya: My name in the film is not ‘Sita’ (at least, as of now). But the character I play have traits of Sita.
Abhishek: Yes, I am playing ‘Ravaana’.

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In Ramayana, Sita is faithful only to Ram. But here at the shoots, we are seeing a Sita dancing with Ravaana?
Abhishek: Actually, I bribed the scriptwriter so that I am allowed to romance my wife on-screen, no matter what roles we play.
Aishwarya: On a more serious note, I told you it’s a Mani Ratnam film and to know the truth audience have to wait for the release of the film.

This is your sixth film together. Any complaints against each other as co-actors?
Abhishek: Sachch bolke biwi haathon pithna nehi hai! (laughs aloud) No…honestly…no complaints. Ash is the best co-actor one can ever get. She is one of the biggest stars of Bollywood and a name in Hollywood, still she is so down-to-earth. She makes her co-actor comfortable from Scene 1, irrespective of the fact whether he is a star or a newcomer.
Aishwarya: Abhishek and I have never been paired the conventional way-as in, man-wife, on-screen. Starting from DHAI AKSHAR PREM KE , where we were pretending as husband-wife, to KUCHH NA KAHO, where I am someone else’s wife and still fall in love with him, or UMRAO JAAN , where it’s a failed love story, and SARKAR RAJ, where he is a married man, we hardly got to be romantic on screen. Even in GURU, it’s all about the protagonist’s life story. I really wished someone to cast us as romantic pair, hopefully that’s going to happen in Rajeev Menon’s DHUN.



We heard that DHUN is a remake of Amitabh-Jaya starrer ABHIMAAN?
Abhishek: The script is somewhat similar, but it’s not a remake. How can one even think of remaking a masterpiece like ABHIMAAN! It’s a musical love story.

Abhimaan is often said to be based on real life story of Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan…
Abhishek: It’s surprising that the media know more about my parents than I do.
Aishwarya: I don’t think it’s good to mix reel and real life.

‘Abhi the real Padma Shri…’

…My question is, how much chances are there for a ABHIMAAN-like situation in your life?

Abhi-Ash: Zero percent.
Abhishek: Let me clarify, we are all grown-ups and hardcore professionals. Be it pa or ma, or me or Ash, we have learnt to keep our work outside before
getting inside our home. There is no competition and can’t be. We are all different individuals with our respective style of work.
Aishwarya: We are all very secure about our professional as well as personal life.

Aren’t you a little upset not getting a Padma Shri like Ash?
Abhishek: Not at all. I don’t think I have done anything to deserve that honour so far. On second thoughts, I have got a Padma Shri -whatever belongs to me is Ash’s and vice-versa. So her award is mine as well.

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So you are happy for her?
Abhishek: Wish could explain my happiness for her. I am so proud that my girl has got the honour she deserves for years.
Aishwarya: Abhishek is my source of inspiration. He is always so supportive. Whenever I am confused and don’t know what to do, I look at him and he
solves the duality in me like magic. He is the real ‘Padma Shri’ and I’m his ‘Padma Shrimati’ (giggles).

You are going to complete two years of marriage. Any special plans for your anniversary?
Abhishek: That’s for us to do and us to know.
Aishwarya: I am sure loads of pleasant surprises are awaiting me.
Abhishek: And for me too.

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