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Interview : Adah Sharma

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'PHHIR… was a tougher challenge than 1920'

Tell me about your forthcoming film PHHIR?
PHHIR, produced by ASA Productions and Enterprises and directed by Girish Dhamija, who had earlier directed YAKEEN starring John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra, is not a horror film at all. It is set in 2011 and is a contemporary thriller. The film stars Rajneesh Duggal, Roshni Chopra and me. Both Rajneesh and I were introduced by the same banner in the hit horror flick 1920. By the way, Girish Dhamija had earlier written the dialogues for movies like 1920, GANGSTER, ANKAHEE, FOOTPATH, RAAZ, KASOOR, SANGHARSH, ZAKHM, DUSHMAN, etc.

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What is PHHIR all about?
The film is a thrilling suspense drama and not at all a sequel of 1920 but then there is some connection and hence it is called PHHIR. The future is nothing but the past again and as the plot thickens, all questions are answered one by one.

What is your role in PHHIR?
I play the role of clairvoyant Disha, who sets out to help Rajneesh, who is a doctor with clues that take him closer to unravel the mystery of his missing lawyer wife. I play a young girl, who is not attractive. You will see me covered from top to toe exposing only my finger and you cannot see any curve in my body. My eyes have a dead pan look and an element of mystery shrouds my character. I even walk with a slight hunch throughout the film.

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Is PHHIR a romance triangle between you, Rajneesh and Roshni Chopra?
It is not at all a love triangle since Rajneesh is married to Roshni who is a lawyer. Though it is a movie which has been made for the masses as well as classes like 1920 was, in this film we lead different lives. It is not a film about an adulterous affair between the doctor and the clairvoyant but a film where I set out to help him in his search for his missing wife.

How tough was it for you to get into the skin of the character?
It was quite tough because I could relate to my character only 3% since I am not at all like Disha in real life. For me it was like living someone else's life. If it was a big challenge as an actress in 1920, this was even a tougher challenge, since I had to portray my character without expressing too much. The brief given to me my director was that my eyes could not give away what I am thinking since the character is very subtle.

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How would you describe Girish Dhamija as a director?
Whether it was Vikram Sir who had directed me in 1920 or Girish Dhamija who has directed me in PHHIR, both have their own individual different styles of their own and are very clear in their heads leaving no room for confusion for the actors. They both explain the scenes to the actors and even tell what exactly the actors should do in such a manner that there is no room or need for interpretation of a different kind from your side as an actor.

What did acting in a film like PHHIR teach you?
Acting in a film like PHHIR taught me a lot not only as an actor but also as a person, because Girishji guided me very well and I learnt how to underplay my character and inject subtlety in it. Though as an actor, you always go back with a little bit of the character in your psyche after the shoot is over, I hope my character in PHHIR does not disturb me.

To what extent are you game for exposure as well as lip locks in films?
Look here. If you set out to play the role of a bar dancer, you just cannot say as an actress that you cannot expose. There are girls who have been in the film industry for almost a decade but yet yearn to get an opportunity to display their talent. I am lucky I have been able to prove my worth with my very first film 1920 thanks to Vikram Sir, who auditioned me when I applied for the part, though I have no God father in the industry. On the other hand, to prove that you can be glamorous, all you need to do is pose in a two piece bikini for a photo shoot. I feel that though it is important to look glamorous, it is more important to look the character that you set out to do on screen.

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