Interview : Adhyayan Suman

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So you have finally got the chance to play a good guy in JASHNN. What exactly is your role in the film?
Well…I play Akash Verma, a twenty year old boy, who thirsts to become a singing icon and blaze a trail for himself among the galaxy of existing stars. But he has not been able to find that distinctive voice that he can call his own, that will propel him to the top. Only when he’s shattered by life and unflinchingly looks the sordid truth in the face – that he is freeloading off his elder sister Nisha played by Shahana, who, in order to offer him a decent life style, has become the mistress of a rich businessman, Aman Bajaj; is he able to touch his inner core. Aman’s sister Sara, played by Anjana, is the one who pulls Akash out of his misery and gives him the strength and moral support he needs. The story is basically about how he over-comes all his obstacles and rises to the top.

You play a very intense character in this film, how was that for you? Was

“While working with Bhatt camp, you get the experience of 50 films from a single movie…”

it something that came naturally considering your recent personal dramas?
Hey I’m just 21. I have my entire life to have personal dramas and will deal with it in the most dignified way I know. But yes, my character goes through some intense drama in the movie. I am just 1 film old and frankly I tried to do full justice to my character by digging deep into myself and feeling emotions which I have never felt before. Though I could relate to the struggle Akash had to go through because even I went through the same as I was an extremely obese kid and have always been subjected to a lot of rebuke by people around me. It’s the quintessential story of a nobody who becomes a somebody. I feel the same way except I am yet to actually make my mark. Hopefully JASHNN will be as successful, if not more, then RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES (smiles).

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You have two female co-stars in the film Anjana & Shahana, how was it working with them?
Oh it was great. We used to have a lot of fun on the sets. We’re all of the same age-group so it was a lot like friends hanging out. It was very comfortable working with them and I am really looking forward to the audience’s response to our chemistry and I hope it shows in the film. The best part about both of them is that inspite of both of them having seen success before me; they don’t have any airs or attitude. The fact that we’re all linked-up to each other just makes it funnier to hang out and we keep pulling each others leg about it. All in all it was a great experience and I look forward to working with them sometimes soon.

You are the son of one of our industry’s most loved entertainers. What were his tips to you for the film?
My father’s not just that, he is also my closet friend. His main advice to me has always been to follow my heart and never compromise with quality. I am proud to be Shekhar Suman’s son and I hope to take forward his good work in the industry. His reputation and experience in this line has given me a lot of lessons and has benefited me a lot. His best quality is the freedom and independence he gives me while still keeping me grounded and down-to-earth.

view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

movie stills

Both your films have been with the Bhatt camp, has that been a conscious choice?
When you are working with Bhatt camp, you get the experience of 50 films from their single movie. The level of craftsmanship involved in making a Vishesh Film’s movie is truly commendable. Everyone from the top to the bottom has 20-25 years experience and are experts in their fields. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of their so-called ”Camp”. Hopefully I will be a part of more of their endeavors.

The music of the film has already been declared a hit on all Radio stations, do you have any personal favorites?
I can’t choose one but if I have to it’s got to be ‘Nazarein Karam’ and ‘Aaya Re’. The sound track of the film has a bit of everything for everyone and that’s its USP. It’s great to see the talented Toshi-Sharib at their best. The songs and background score of the film will really appeal to the youth as is already obvious but once the movie comes out then the relevance of the songs will increase to the fans.

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Apart from the much talked about DEKH BHAI DEKH movie, what else can we see you in?
I just want to concentrate on JASHNN at the moment and have my mind occupied with that only. Will let you know about what I am planning as soon as I see my audience’s reaction to my labor of love (Laughs)

What do you see as the reaction of the audience?
I think we have made this movie with a lot of hard-work and passion. If even half of that is obvious to the audience then I am sure it will do well. Rest we’ll just have to wait and see. Personally I am quite confident of the success of the film.

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