Interview : Aditya Raj Kapoor

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Hailing from the prestigious Kapoor khandan, he chose to tread a path that went against his family’s aspirations. From the fast paced lanes of the corporate world, his destiny took a turn, calling him back to his roots. Standing proud at 50 plus, Aditya Raj Kapoor is geared up to make his debut as an actor. We chat with him to know about his plans to conquer Bollywood and lots more.

From a corporate honcho to an actor, what prompted this shift in your career?
I have always followed my heart in matters crucial to my life, be it personal or professional. The journey has been fulfilling from a being a corporate to a director and now an actor. I feel really fortunate that my family has always been very supportive of me. Yes, I did have a lot of pressure from my friends and the extended family to carry on the legacy of acting and making films. Imagine being a superstar’s son and deciding to choose a career far different. The choice was never easy.

“I have provided the Kapoor’s with a new direction by being a rebel of sorts…”

I feel I have provided the Kapoor’s with a new direction by being a rebel of sorts. Somewhere I believe the younger Kapoor’s can now think differently when it comes to making a professional choice. I should say that I managed to break open new dimensions for the next generation.

But why Bollywood at this stage when many feel it’s too late for an acting debut?
There was a stage during the course of my business when I felt that I should make films. And I did that. I wrote and directed three films which were meant for the non-Indian audiences. But, that was not the end of the passion that I discovered. And when I was offered a film as an actor, I found the offer to be another way of engaging with my passion for cinema. So yet again, I was driven by my heart.



Now that you have taken to acting, which actors do you draw your inspiration from?
I have been greatly influenced by Sanjeev Kumar and Mehmood. I think Sanjeev Kumar’s versatility is quite inspiring for an actor. The range of emotions that Sanjeevji carried in his subtle yet impactful style has always been a great inspiration for me. I have seen almost all his films and continue to draw lessons from watching them. Even Mehmood Sahib’s acting skills are a big inspiration for me. As an actor, I have learnt a lot from both of them.

What kind of roles would you like to portray in films?
As an actor, I love to play dark roles and I will be doing the same in my upcoming films. I think it’s a challenging portrayal and somehow I seem to be getting such roles despite looking different from what the role demands.

Apart from being a businessman and an actor, what is Aditya Raj Kapoor all about?
I absolutely enjoy dancing and I am a sixth level salsa dancer. I love to go gymming and learning new forms of dance as well. I lost 35kgs for my look in my upcoming film with Jag Mundra. I also love to write and will make sure that my new career as an actor does not overshadow the writer in me.

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