Interview : Akshay Kumar announces his presence with KAMBAKKHT ISHQ

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In an eventful 2009 that earlier saw twin setback for him in the form of CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA and 8X10 TASVEER, it was just apt that Akshay Kumar announced his presence in a big way with KAMBAKKHT ISHQ. With Eros International declaring 100 crores gross worldwide in the first week run of the film, hence making it one of the most successful openings in Indian cinema, it is left to anyone's imagination that the film has won against all odds.

The man at the hot seat talks.
Akshay, in spite of bad press, audiences have grabbed KAMBAKKHT ISHQ with both hands. The film has hit the bull's eye at the box office. So are you having the last laugh?

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'I have no inclination of being a 'king'…'
Really, ever since the time it became loud and clear that KAMBAKKHT ISHQ had succeeded amongst the audiences, I am being asked the question if I am marching towards the top again. My reply to them is that I am happy living and dying being where I am and that's anywhere but on top!

This is one of your most successful outings. Still, critics had a field day ripping apart the film. Disappointed?
Not really. See, critics to us are like how the tax man is to everyone. We all wish they didn't exist, but they do! It's up to the people if they want someone else to make decisions for them.

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Wasn't it frustrating for you to see the attitude of people who clearly seemed to be conspiring against you? Moreover, your own contemporaries from the industry have been apparently trying to pull you down!
I know they definitely had a whale of a time with this one, didn't they? What to do? I can't force them to be nice to me, and I am not the type to put a gun to anyone's head, so let them be. I have faith that my audience will come and prove my works worth. And this time they surely have, and I love them for it.

Has he himself never been influenced by the critics for films that feature someone else?
Honestly speaking for myself, if I want to see a movie I will, even if all my friends say its crap. In fact it will only make me want to see it even more. We all don't like sugar in our tea, so why would we all like the same movies, it's simple! Trust your own judgment and not someone else's. That's all I can say.

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So do we see a battle resuming for being the 'King of Bollywood'?
Arrey nahi, I have no inclination of being a 'king'. See, I am a clown and not a king. Once a clown, always a clown! I belong in the ring not on the podium!

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