Interview : Akshay Kumar dons his action hero cloak once again

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Akshay Kumar has donned his action hero cloak once again for KAMBAKKHT ISHQ. And this time, as a bonus, he gets a chance to romance 'bond girl' Denise Richards, along with Kareena Kapoor. He shares his experience with our correspondent

KAMBAKKHT ISHQ releases today. What do you think-people will throng the theatres for Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards, or you?
For Kareena Kapoor (laughs)…you missed her name. But seriously, today's audience is too intelligent and too hard to please…you can't fool them with a particular name or scene or song. They want an entire package…total paisa vasool and that is what KAMBAKKHT ISHQ will offer them.

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You have romanced 'bond girl' Denise Richards in this film and Kylie
"BLUE is the most difficult film of my career."

Minogue in your forthcoming film BLUE. So, how different is working with them than with our Bollywood heroines?
No differences…all my heroines-be it desi or videshi- have been beautiful, talented, professional and exceptionally good human beings. I have been lucky in this regard so far.

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You are being too much politically correct…
No…true…I respect my co-actors a bit too much to be judgmental about them.

Coming back to your film, you have a controversial line about women in KAMBAKKHT ISHQ…
I play a male chauvinistic pig in the film. It's about this man's journey of life…how he understands that women are God's best creation and learns to respect them.

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What is your personal opinion about women?
I tell this to everyone, that to me, if men are from Mars, women are from Heaven.

What is your most prized off-camera moment during the shooting of the film?
My interaction with Sylvester…he is the God in Hollywood, but personally, he is so-down-to-earth! He himself came up to me to talk. We jelled so well with each other. What struck me the most, is that he is not ashamed of admitting his weakness…he told me that he feels uncomfortable with heights. But still he did a film like CLIFFHANGER because he didn't want to disappoint his fans. Wow! I did a couple of stunts with him and realized why the world hero-worships him…he is so GOOD!

After KAMBAKKHT ISHQ, you have BLUE. Can you tell us a bit more about the film?
BLUE is a film that I myself am eagerly waiting for…not as an actor, but as a movie-buff. It is set for a Diwali release (most probably) and this film is India's first film to be shot underwater.

We heard that you shot with 40 sharks in the film?
Yes. And an honest confession, I am never scared of doing stunts…but I, for the first time, was a bit scared while performing this deep-sea diving stunt. It is the most difficult film in my entire career and I really had to stretch myself a lot for the stunts.

You are shooting on and off. But still you are very-much a home-bird. How do you maintain the balance?
That's a secret I can't share with you (laughs)

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