Interview : Akshaye Khanna

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The talented Akshaye Khanna doesn’t make much hue and cry before his films release. This time too Akshaye remains all the same before his film SHORTKUT: THE CON IS ON releases. The actor speaks to our correspondent on films, marriage and more…

Your last film MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP released almost a year ago. Quite a long gap!
The biggest reason right now has to be global recession and the multiplex strike…. But now I am doing two films and I hope I will be seen more in the theatres. I somehow try and do one film at a time, which helps me, focus on my work.

“Anil says, I am like a bad habit for him…”

Okay, tell me something… why do you always run away from the media. They have always loved you.
(Laughs) Come on… I never do that. See I am talking to you. What do I say to the media if I don’t have anything to say? I am a very private person and I am not very comfortable discussing my private life in public. But otherwise I have never shied away from the media.

Now SHORTKUT is releasing and it’s a comedy. In the last few years you have done quite a few comedies and most have been successful. Are you in love with this genre?
(Thinks) It’s not like that. I don’t think if a film is a comedy or something else. It’s all about the script and the director. I have always loved working with Priyadarshan who is a brilliant director. SHORTKUT too is a comedy and I hope the audiences will love it because it’s a good story made by a good director and produced by Anil Kapoor.


In fact, this is the second time that you are working in Anil Kapoor’s production after GANDHI: MY FATHER, which was rather a completely different kind of film.
It has always been a pleasure working with Anil Kapoor. GANDHI: MY FATHER was a different kind of film, which I will always remain close to my heart. And that is what Anil is good at. His production house is like my own family and this time too the experience wasn’t any different. Anil says, I am like a bad habit for him and that’s why he couldn’t do away with me this time (Laughs out). He is someone who would put his soul behind the films he makes and encourages others to work harder.

But it is being said that you do not have fond memories of the shooting and had a lot of trouble…
No…no that’s completely wrong. I am rather very happy.

view SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON movie stills

view SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON movie stills

It’s said that you and Arshad Warsi had your differences and all was not okay between you.
That’s completely wrong. In fact we had a great time and there wasn’t any problem between us. We both are professionals and I have known Arshad as a great actor. We have also worked earlier in HULCHUL, which was a big success and both of us had some great time working together. Why should we have problems this time! (Smiles)

And what about Amrita? You have worked with her in DEEWAR earlier.
That was long back and she was very young at that time. But she has really

“Arshad’s a bad actor…”

matured over the years and has molded herself into a brilliant actress. She looks confident and has come up with a fantastic performance. Her effort shows on screen.

Tell us something about your role.
It’s a hilarious film and you will enjoy every moment of it. I play a struggling assistant who wants to become a director. And in doing so everyone is trying to con the other. Arshad plays a bad actor, while Amrita is a successful actress. She is romantically linked to me in the film but is opposite Arshad in the film within the film.

So, are you happy with the way you career has shaped up since your debut given that you have done a variety of roles?
In fact I am happy the way the audiences have accepted me, the kind of films I have been able to do and remain close to the hearts of my fans. There have been such good films like GANDHI: MY FATHER, DIL CHAHTA HAI, RACE, HULCHUL and HUNGAMA. So, overall I am happy. I am still trying to do good job and keep my audiences happy.

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Don’t you plan to work with your father someday?
Of course I do. I wish to work with him because dad is a great…great actor and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that someday…someone comes with a good script for both of us.

You have never been linked up with your actresses.
I hate that. Thankfully it never happened and I wish that doesn’t happen to me any day. I am happy with the way I am.

So when do you get married?
(Smiles again). Not at the moment for sure. But as and when it happens everyone’s surely going to know about that. For the time being I don’t have any plans.

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