Interview : Anjana Sukhani

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Tell us about JASHNN. What is your role in the film?
JASHNN is a musical film tracing the journey of Akash Verma as he desperately tries to become a singing sensation in the Industry where he has a lot of competition. Akash, who is spurred by life’s bittersweet lessons, finally discovers his own voice and becomes a singing icon. I play Sara, Akash’s girlfriend, who is one of the strongest people in his life. She gives him the mental and emotional support and encourages him to be the best he can every time he gives up in life. I am a free-spirited girl in the film who is mentally a lot stronger then most people of her age and proves to be Akash’s sound board throughout his trials and tribulations.

How was your chemistry with Adhyayan and Shahana?

“Adhyayan & I became very comfortable with each other…”

I had a blast working with both of them. We shared a very happy and healthy relationship during the making of the film and it showed in the movie as well. We are all friends off-screen and at the start of our careers and have all put in an immense amount of hard-work in the film.

What do you think about the music of the film?
Oh, it’s a smash hit already. All the songs are very good and appealing. ‘Nazarein Karam’ and ‘Aaja Aish Karein’ have already become hits at night-clubs and radio stations. The music of a film is the soul of the film and if the response to the music has been so great, one can only imagine the wonders the movie would do.(Smiles)


How do you feel, the audience will perceive your chemistry with Adhyayan?
Hopefully it should be sizzling chemistry (Laughs). But on a serious note, we had a very easy-going attitude towards each other and had no issues or hang-ups. We are both fairly new to a lead role so would give and take a lot of advice to and from each other. It was an amazing journey of self discovery and we both became very comfortable with each other by the end of the first few shots.

How does it feel to finally get your first big break?
Well…I have 6 films to my credit but yes this is the first film were I will be able to truly showcase my talent. The best part about this role is that I get to showcase a very intense side of myself. She’s a free spirited girl but has no issues standing by what she believes in. She was a great character to play and it was a true challenge to explore that side of myself. I have given my all to this role and can only hope and pray that my audience appreciate that about me. I feel privilege to be a part of this project and I really want this film to do well.

view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

movie stills

We see a lot of heroines being used as decoration pieces in movies, how do you feel you have made a mark with this movie?
Yes, a lot of times we are used just because of our looks but that’s what different with Vishesh Films. They have used all my best qualities and at the same time given me enough space and freedom to broaden my horizons as an actor. Sara is a very strong character. At many points in the movie it is her strength and personality which stands out from all others. That I feel is the reason people will take notice of me in this movie.

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You have been seen in a lot of commercials and are now getting into mainstream cinema. How do you feel your journey has been so far?
Oh it’s been quite eventful. I had never planned to get into commercials or films. I just wanted a way of funding my education and wanted a steady income. Modeling and commercials just happened because of that and soon I started getting film offers. So far I have had a healthy mixture of exposure and I am looking forward to doing more good work and making a successful mark on my viewers.

What are your future plans?
I will soon be seen opposite Kannad actor Ganesh, who is also called ‘Golden Star Ganesh’, and is one of the biggest stars of South Indian Cinema. The movie called MALEYALI JOTHEYALI will be directed by Preetham Gubbi. I am also doing TUM MILE TO SAHI starring Nana Patekar which is about three different generations and what love means at every age in life as well as ALLAH KAY BANDE with Sharman Joshi.

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