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He gave a new perspective to what modern Devdas would look like and went home with all the accolades. It seems director Anurag Kashyap finally feels relaxed. DEV D is a hit and his long stalled film GULAAL has also released now. The scriptwriter-director speaks to our correspondent on life post success of DEV D, his new film GULAAL, his latest venture on television and more.

You must be happy now that DEV D has been appreciated by everyone.
Oh! It really is a great film. I am happy that everyone liked it because it was a new idea… a new concept. It’s always a risk till the film releases but good that it didn’t go wrong.

Is that why you sound so relaxed now?
Who says I am relaxed? I am really busy…gearing up for the next thing and now that GULAAL is released I am really nervous once again.

“Whenever I have tried something new it has created controversy”

It’s quite some time that GULAAL is due for release. In fact almost all your films some how get into controversy?

(Laughs). Is and that is what makes the films so interesting. But on a serious note what can I do. Somehow they get into so or the other problem. GULAAL though didn’t have anything controversial. It was just that wasn’t getting producers and so it got delayed. Someone has to sponsor your films. But I am happy that it’s releasing and it is an interesting film. I think controversy is a part of life. Whenever I have tried to do something new it has created controversy but its fine with me.

So what is GULAAL about?
It’s about a man who is a Rajput played by Kay Kay Menon who comes from a royal family. It’s completely fictional. The interesting thing is that this man wants to go back to the old days of royalty…fights for the rights and wants to set his own rules. You can call it a political drama.

In fact it’s also dedicated to all the great poets of India.
The initial inspiration was from various lines of poems but please watch the film first.

view GULAAL videos

view GULAAL videos

Kay Kay is one of the most common faces in your films?
Right from PAANCH to BLACK FRIDAY and now GULAAL Kay Kay has given some of his strongest performances. He is a matured and brilliant name and I think the characters I offer him he too loves playing.

So if you are really that busy what made you venture into television.
See, I am not directing the series Rajuben in Specials @10 that is being telecast on Sony. It’s just that I am part of it as the creative director…you can call it creative supervisor. I am deciding on the script, finalizing actors and giving suggestions and looking after all other departments.

That, however, asks for a lot of time…
Not really. After all it will wrap up in 12 weeks. And above all I am also taking a break. I too can’t give more than 12 weeks time and I will be back doing my films after that. Actually, I liked the whole idea of the show. It’s longer than a film and shorter than soap. I couldn’t have possibly made it into a film, so the best thing to do was to make it a 12-hour mini series. Television is changing and changing for the good.


Okay… coming to PAANCH. Are you still hopeful that it will release.
Oh why not! I am extremely hopeful that it will release sometime. But I can’t sit and wait nor am I going to give an extra effort for an immediate release. It’s already a long time now and I think the film will release on its own merit. As a director I can only be hopeful. It’s not in my hands.

Apparently, you plan to start shooting with John Abraham for your next film…
Yes that’s after I am done with my commitments on television. The film’s called BOMBAY VELVET and is completely different from the films I have made so far. Then there’s DOGA but that will take some time, as I am still busy giving the finishing touches to the script.

So we can expect a lot from you…
(Laughs)… actually you can. All of a sudden everything has started going the right way for me. DEV D generated a good response and now I am looking forward to GULAAL.



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