Interview : Aron Govil


‘I am very passionate about films specially Bollywood’

Aron Govil
Aron Govil Productions Pvt. Ltd’s hindi feature film U R MY JAAN, an emotional, romantic and musical love-story is produced, directed & written by Aron Govil. Producer-director Aron Govil is an industrialist based in USA since 1970. Aron Govil has companies in Energy and Environmental sectors across the world. Before entering Bollywood he used to organize Bollywood shows in USA. He also financed a few Bollywood projects before producing Jagmohan Mundra’s SHOOT ON SIGHT, which marked his debut in Bollywood as Producer. And now he is all set with his second project in Bollywood U R MY JAAN. Excerpts from the interview taken with producer-director-writer Aron Govil.

Tell us something about yourself?
I have my base in US since 1970s but the roots are always here in India. I am from Delhi. Being an industrialist based in USA, I have global business interests in Energy and Environmental sectors.

How did you decide to take a plunge in Bollywood? Was that a conscious decision?
I am very passionate about the films specially Bollywood. Since my days in US, I have been around the stars as we arrange lots of Bollywood shows across the US. That’s how I was exposed to the industry. As the time progressed I financed few films and recently produced a film as well. After working on others project this time I wanted to work on my own project. By that time we had our offices in Mumbai and a complete set up ready so we decided to initiate entertainment as a business

How would you term Bollywood as a Business?
Bollywood today represents a huge business opportunity. I have seen people who had their tryst with the industry 20 years ago, when I was doing shows, have made it big now. That truly demonstrates the potential from a business stand point. If we look at the recent trends even the audience has grown wise. They always want something unique and have stopped treating to the gheesa peeta masala. The exhibition business, distribution business and other arms of the film making are changing its face in India very fast and viewers are getting better final products and the same is being rewarded too. What more, even the Hollywood big houses have already made it to Bollywood that proves that it is the next big thing in the World of Entertainment.

Tell us about your film U R MY JAAN.

The film is written, directed and produced by me. The film introduces Mikaal and Preeti to Bollywood. U R MY JAAN is a very simple love story with melodious music. I have made an honest attempt to make it a complete family entertainer. In terms of labeling it I would say U R MY JAAN is a very sensible, feel good story, which a large segment of our population would be able to relate to. I am sure everyone will have a good experience watching the film.

Why did you choose to work with the newcomers and not established stars in U R MY JAAN?
I would’ve loved to work with established stars. Although my experience of working with stars have given me the perspective to look at working with them. It is not easy to work with big stars as they have to manage their dates, commitments and other sundry issues. On the other hand the newcomers are eager to work and give more than 100% to the film. It’s also very easy to work with them from director’s point of view. Thus after considering all options I decided to go ahead and introduce new talent to the industry. Mikaal and Preeti have done good job in U R MY JAAN and I feel both have a great career ahead in Bollywood.

Are you looking forward to work with the Khans, the Bachchans and the Kapoors?
Of course. Every director/producer wants to work with them. They are the pillars of the industry and have been here for a very long time. I think I have much more to learn before I bring myself to the status where I can offer them the story which suits their caliber. Not to mention it is always an honour and a pleasure to work with the industry greats. I hope things fall in place sooner than later.

What are your future plans? Business expansion is on cards in India?
We already have a setup in India. We have a few scripts in pipeline so hopefully we will have something very soon. As far as business expansion is concerned, we are definitely taking decisive steps towards expanding our reach in the industry. We already have a distribution arm which takes care of film distribution business in India and overseas. We hope to make robust growth in next 5 years.