Interview : Arshad Warsi

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view SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON movie stills

view SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON movie stills

Arshad Warsi has a number of releases lined up and a handful of meaty roles to boast. His next film SHORTKUT: THE CON IS ON releases in a few days. The actor gets talking to our correspondent.

After GOLMAAL RETURNS, SHORTKUT: THE CON IS ON is your first release and it’s again a comedy. It seems you have got into the comedy mould.
(Thinks). No it’s nothing like that but yes comedy has certainly done a lot for me. It has given me an identity and somehow I love doing that. But there isn’t a serious attempt towards doing only comedy films. Comedy films are working and that’s why I have been getting more offers. And I think every actor these days is doing more comedy films. In a way there’s comedy everywhere (smiles).

So are you contented with the way your career has shaped up in the last few years?
I am happy but not contented. In fact no one should be content. There is always room to learn more and more. That’s how every actor grows. I am happy with the kind of roles I am getting. The last few years have been really good and I hope to keep doing good and entertain my audiences.

“Someday for sure I will direct films.”

There was a time when your career too had a lull phase.

And I have learnt a lot from that and that’s the reason I never feel one should be content. I have learnt it the hard way.

SHORTKUT is said to be one of the biggest comedies in a long time.
I hope it turns out to be. A lot has gone into the film. We all have given our best to get something that will really entertain the audience. It’s a film within a film and so far we all are hopeful about the film doing well. It’s a mad…mad film.

What’s your role?
I play a struggling actor… not only struggling but also a real bad actor who. Akshaye Khanna plays a director and he wants to make a film with Amrita Rao who plays a successful actress and me, a bad actor. In doing so everyone is trying to con the other and a spate of hilarious incidents take place. It’s the story of three people.

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In fact it is said that you did not have a good time with Akshaye Khanna on the sets and there were a lot of differences.
(Laughs) Who said that? There were no difference of opinions and we both have worked together earlier. Our chemistry in the film is to watch out for. I don’t know how people get to know such stories but honestly speaking I have stopped reacting to such things.

But every time a film of your releases, a controversy revolving around you crops up.
I really can’t help it. So I have accepted it. At times it is disturbing, very disturbing but I can’t do much about it. But that’s a part of life when one is into this trade. Now, I can’t go on making people believe that there wasn’t any problem between Akshaye and me. It’s up to the people to believe what they think.

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Okay, a few months ago a lot was being talked about you and your wife Maria’s marriage getting on the wrecks…
(Cuts in)… Now see, what could we do. We are happy as a family and we are always seen together in public. So if someone things differently I can at the most defend up to a point but after that I can’t do anything.

Interesting. So you have also turned producer with KAUN BOLA and that too is a comedy.
Ha…ha…ha… Now, I don’t know what controversy will start before the film releases. I hope nothing happens. It’s my first film as a producer and I am really excited about it. It’s very close to my heart. I have written the script and during the making I had a learning experience, not only as an actor but also as a producer. It’s a vast arena and there’s so much to learn.

You started your career as an assistant director. Then why didn’t you direct it yourself?
(Smiles). I could have… many of my friends suggested me to do that but I don’t think it’s the right time. I want to do one thing at a time. And as a director Kabir Kaushik has done a fantastic job. He is a friend and I had full faith in him. Since, I am already acting in it and also producing it, I thought that would be too much. I really respect all those people who act, produce and direct at the same time because it’s a huge job and demands immense responsibility.

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So, when do you direct?
May be sometime soon… in another couple of years but for sure I will direct my films too. I am writing scripts and let’s see what works out. I am waiting for the right opportunity.

Your next film ISHQIYA is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and you play a negative character.
Well at least not comedy this time. (Chuckles). It’s a very good film. My look is very earthy… that of a rugged person from Uttar Pradesh. It’s a very intense role and I am looking forward to it.

When do you start with MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERIKA? People have really fallen in love with your character Circuit.
It has been a kind of revelation and I am happy about all that I got from playing Circuit. Raju (Raj Kumar Hirani) is busy completing 3 IDIOTS, which I think will be over by August or September. After that we will work out and probably we will start shooting sometime early next year.

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