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view ASIN picture gallery

She can call herself lucky but even that will be an understatement. For actress Asin it was a dream come true making her Bollywood debut opposite Aamir Khan in GHAJINI. And it seems her dream run continues, as she will be next seen opposite Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in Vipul Shah’s LONDON DREAMS. With two big projects to start off, Asin is today enjoying life and Bollywood. The actress speaks to our Correspondent, about life after GHAJINI, her next project LONDON DREAMS and more

You had a great start to your career indeed. How are you feeling right now?
It’s simply great. I can’t explain it. (Smiles) It’s fabulous, fantastic and I feel at the top of the world. The way the entire industry has accepted me and has appreciated my work in GHAJINI is really very encouraging.

Not many are fortunate to get such good debut and that too opposite Aamir Khan.
Yes, I am really fortunate. I am glad that everyone besides appreciating my performance has enjoyed the movie also. And I am happy that I got to start my career opposite Aamir Khan. It is really great working with him and the best part is you learn a lot working with him.

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Are the feelings similar… given that you are already a star in the South and now Bollywood is again a new place now?
The reception has been almost similar though Bollywood is a national platform so it has much more thrills and the picture gets bigger here. I am more thrilled because I have been able to be part of a good film twice. The film was a hit in south and I really enjoyed playing the role of Kalpana but I never thought I would be part of this film again.

So how did the offer come in?
Aamir watched the film and called me up to say that I have done a good job. I never realized that he was planning to remake it and one day it happened so. I got another call and I was on. (Smiles)

That sounds great but you have another film too, LONDON DREAMS.
Oh yes and that is what I am looking forward to now. I am shooting for it and I hope that film too gets equally good response from the audiences.

When you thought of doing GHAJINI did the language pose a problem?
No, never…really. I am absolutely comfortable with my Hindi and that was never an obstruction while doing GHAJINI in Hindi. You can make that out from the film itself now that it has released. The entire film has been shot in sync sound. You know how particular Aamir is about these things… so you can make out how good is my Hindi. (Laughs)

view GHAJINI movie stills

view GHAJINI movie stills

Besides director AR Murugadoss, you are the only common link between the two GHAJINIS…
And I am really happy being that. Actually I have known Murugadoss for a long time, have worked with him and we know each other’s style of working, so we share a different comfort level working together.

Did you try and improvise while playing the role of Kalpana this time?
Not really because I knew people would love to watch Kalpana the way it was in the original GHAJINI. The character was loved by all; hence I didn’t do anything intentionally. But maybe subconsciously there might have been some improvisations.

So what are your plans now? Do you plan to go back to the south and continue working there?
Nothing is planned as of now. But it’s not that I am here for one or two films. I am here to stay to do more films because I am enjoying it a lot. For the time being I have made Mumbai my base and moreover I am already doing LONDON DREAMS … so not any soon…

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Okay so how is it working with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan?
It’s tremendous fun. Both are very talented, at the same time professional. We have a lot of fun on the sets.

And what’s the film about?
It’s going to be a great film. It’s being made on a grand scale and has a great story to tell. The film revolves around the life to three people Ajay, Salman and myself who are the members of a band called LONDON DREAMS. There’s comedy romance, drama…everything.

So who are you romancing in this film?
Ha….ha…I’m not going to tell that. Actually I am not supposed to because it will take away the story of the film. But I must say that this film’s going to be equally good. Wait till August.

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