Interview : Barbara Mori




Barbara Mori‘s Bollywood debut in KITES has already created sparks…thanks to her chemistry with co-star Hrithik Roshan. However, the Mexican beauty tells she was a bit nervous before meeting the Indian superhero

What convinced you to do KITES?
I was looking for something that will touch my heart. I had been reading scripts…a lot of them, especially in the US. I got impressed with KITES because it’s a beautiful love story. And when I met Anurag (Basu; director) and Rakesh (Roshan; producer) for the first time, they narrated the whole story (with much a mix of English and Hindi) and I fell in love with the script. That’s why I picked this movie.

How was it on the sets? Did you find it difficult with most of the crew conversing in Hindi most of the times?
I will tell you one incident that recurred throughout the shooting of the film. After Anurag used to explain every scene to Hrithik and me, I used to tell him ‘Please speak in English, because I don’t understand Hindi’; to that he said: ‘Yes, I am speaking in English only’. (Laughs). He speaks really fast. I didn’t understand anything…but Hrithik was always there translating for me.

You have done quite a few action scenes in KITES. Have you done

‘Susanne is my best friend today.’

action in your earlier films as well?

KITES is my first action movie. I was really excited. When I looked at the storyboard, I wondered how am I going to do that…jumping from here to there! I was scared in the beginning…(pauses)…not scared, but nervous. But in the end when I was looking how they made everything, I was nagging the action director to let me do every action scene. But he said it was too dangerous for me; so I did some scenes, but not all of them.

How aware were you of Hrithik’s stardom in India?
I knew that I will be working with a huge star in India and I Googled and Youtubed to know everything…to see him, to know what he is doing. I got to know he dances so well, and that I will have to dance in the movie at par with him! I was a bit nervous. But once I came to India, I realized what a huge star he is! I remember we were at the airport, and people were making space for him respectfully. It was really amazing!

KITES have been in news for its bold scenes…
(Interrupts) When this project came to my life I started searching for Indian movies for my research and people told me that in Indian movies people don’t kiss on-screen. I too saw so many movies where people were about to kiss and then they just hurl their faces away from each other. Once I even asked Hrithik during our rehearsals-‘Hey, what is going to happen? We have to make love, kiss each other. What is going to happen in your country? They will kill us!’

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download KITES wallpapers

And what did Hrithik say?
He was like ‘No…nahin…now they (Indians) are open’. But I tell you, every movie I saw there was a strict ‘no no’ on kissing… nobody kisses. So I was a little worried.

Are you enjoying your new-found stardom in India?
When I first came to India, not many people would recognize me at the airport. Now the situation has changed, of course. I went to shop the other day, and the girl who attended me said ‘You look familiar to me’. And I said ‘Oh really!’

You have been telling that you have become a part of the Roshan family…
You know, when I came here (India) for the first time, Rakesh introduced me to the Roshan family and they always make me feel like I am a part of the family. Pinky, Sunaina…everyone has been really nice to me; they are all very kind and beautiful people. Susanne (Hrithik’s wife) is my best friend today. We speak a lot. Even when I am in Mexico, I call her and we give each other advices.

How did you react to the ongoing media buzz about your alleged affair with Hrithik?
I do hear about them; but I have got used to them. In Mexico also, it’s the same. Every time there’s a new project, they (media) put in with the guy who is cast opposite me. I know my truth; people who love me, care for me…know the truth. That’s enough for me.