Interview : Bhanushree Mehra


‘Boys always try to flirt, get girls and be naughty’

Bhanushree Mehra is also set to enter the world of Bollywood with her upcoming film, BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN, being directed by Amit Vats. The actress has already made a big debut down south in a film called VARUDU opposite Allu Arjun. Catch her in a freewheeling chat as she talks about BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN, her passions and more. She also reveals why boys will always remain boys. Read on…

How did you get BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN?
I had gone to the office of the filmamkers. They had auditioned me and they liked me. I play a Punjabi girl in the film and in reality also I’m a Punjabi. So it suited my character and that’s why I got it.

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 What role are you playing in this film?
I play a Punjabi girl in the film who comes from a Sikh family. She’s a very innocent college going girl. She’s in love with a boy who is also a Punjabi but not a sardar. So she has to convince her father to let her marry him but his father is totally against cut sardars. He wants the person to be a sardar and who has a beard. So it’s all about her struggle to convince her father. I’m paired opposite Anshuman Jha.

How was it working with your costars in this film?
It was really good. Most of the film was shot in Delhi and a couple of scenes were shot in Mumbai. So it was fun travelling. We were all put up in the same hotel so we would always chill and relax after the shoot. We used to go out and have fun. There’s also Manu Rishi, Divya Dutta and Sharad Saxena in the film. So it was really good working with all these good names in the industry. You learn a lot from them.


The film is titled BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN. What do you think are the characteristic traits that boys have?
All boys are usually flirts. That’s what the title really tells you. Boys will be boys, no matter what. They try to flirt, get girls and be naughty.

Do you think girls also have certain characteristic traits?
Girls always try to find true love in their lives. They don’t like to mess around like boys do. They are simpler than boys.

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Did you always want to be an actress because we’ve heard that you also like to do photography?
I’ve always wanted to be an actress but I do like photography as well. So I do that a lot whenever I get some time off. Photography has got nothing to do with my acting but I do like clicking pictures. Even when I’m shooting I make sure I keep looking at the pictures the photographers are clicking. Sometimes I do click pictures myself of the working stills. So it’s fun and it also solves my

‘I won’t call BACHNA AE HASEENO my debut film’

purpose of learning photography.

You also acted in BACHNA AE HASEENO. But you won’t really call that your debut, right?
Not at all. I played Minissha Lamba’s sister in the film. That was a learning experience for me. I wasn’t really looking at doing lead roles at that time. It just happened.

You were seen in the Telegu film, VARUDU. So why did you decide to take a break after that?
No, I didn’t take a break. Right after VARUDU I started BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN. After that I did a Punjabi film called which is releasing on the 12th of July only. And right I’m also doing a Telegu film. The shoot of the film is going on.

So how do you manage between Bollywood and Telegu film industry?
So far it’s been simple because for BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN too many days weren’t required. I shot for hardly 10-12 days. So it wasn’t that stressful. It was quite okay.

‘Everyone finally wants to work in Bollywood and do good films there’

Are you planning to do more Bollywood films?
Everyone finally wants to work in Bollywood and do good films there. But if that doesn’t happen, I’m very happy doing regional films also. I’ve done a Tamil film, I’ve done a Telegu film and I’ve done a Punjabi film and I’ve also done a Hindi film. So once the films release I’ll know where I want to place myself and what works better for me. I’m okay with all regional films but I’ve still figure out which ones work for me.

So what are your future project apart from BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN?
On the 12th of July my Punjabi film is releasing. It’s called FER MAMLA GADBAD GADBAD. The trailer and the songs are already out. And in August my Telegu film, ANTHANEEMAYALONE is coming out. So as of now, these two films are releasing.