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Interview : Bobby Deol

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‘I can’t call my dad kamina in real life’

On the release date of YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA, Bobby Deol is hoping that the film is a huge hit and gives his career the much needed boost. In an exclusive chat with glamsham.com he speaks about working with dad Dharmendra, brother Sunny and more.



The promos are looking fantastic. How are you feeling?
I’m very excited. The reaction has been so nice. We never expected such a response. We just made the promo and felt that it was okay. We never knew people would get so excited with the promo. They are coming out on their own to tell us that they have liked the promo. There’s a great positive vibe everywhere. Even actors from the industry have tweeted about it. No one does that. It’s a great feeling.

Do you feel half the battle is won having a good promo?
I felt the film had released and become a hit when the first promo came out. That’s the kind of reaction we got. A promo does make a lot of difference to a film. That’s why you make promos expecting people to react to it.

The film looks to be a mad comedy. What is it about?
The film is a comedy. We wanted to do a funny film. After APNE people felt very emotional and told my dad about it. So my dad said, next time he will make them laugh. When the scripting of this film started, it was just Sunny and me. Somehow we realised it’s dad’s 50th year and we should come up with a film with all three of us. We then put another character in it. In fact, it made the film even better. It took Samir and Jasvinder Bath one and a half years to write the script. Then we completed the film within a year.

In the first promo, there was a mention about the films of Dharmendra and Suuny’s popular films. Do you feel people will remember this as your trademark film?
We put those portions because our characters are very filmy. They are very influenced by cinema. They are big fans of Dharmendra. In the film, I look at my father and say, ‘Arre tu toh Dharmendra jaisa lagta hai.‘ We thought we’ll put all these moments in the film. Mimics anyway do it; so we thought why not we do it ourselves. That was the main intention.

Are you mocking yourselves?
We are not mocking ourselves. You see the film and you will realise. The film is not a spoof. Me and my dad are buddies and thugs from Banaras. We discuss anything under the sun. It could be anyone or anything. It’s how best friends interact. It’s not abusing each other.

Does the film has the famous lost-and-found formula of 70s and 80s?
Yes, we used to talk about how Manmohan Desai used to make films. They were full entertainers. They had everything from romance, comedy and action. They always had bichad gaye-mil gaye kind of concept. We said why don’t we use that? And it really goes well with our film. It’s not forced. It fact, it’s quite interesting.

You are seen treating Dharmendra a kamina in the film. Is your real life equation with him similar?
Not really, I can’t call my dad kamina in real life. I’ve sometimes taken the advantage of being the youngest. Other than that, you can’t disrespect your parents. It’s our tradition and culture. Every father wants his son to be his best friend, but when you try to be, you can’t.

How was it working with him?
It was great fun. He’s the most amazing human being. We share a great rapport. The chemistry makes this film even more happening.

You have recently said that Sunny treats you like a son.
Sunny has always treated me like his son. No brother will go out of his way when his brother’s first film is being made. He had stopped working when my first film was being made. He was only concentrating on my film. No one does that. You don’t put your career at stake and look after your brother’s film. He is everything to me. He’s a pillar in my life. He’s my strength. And when I was growing up, he used to be strict with me. So in a way he treated me like his child.

Do you think YPD will give your career a new boost?
YPD is a film which will se me in a different light. I’ve never played a character like this before. As an actor, every film changes your life. For any actor, every film is a deciding factor in many ways. So, the way the film has shaped up, it will definitely make a difference to my career.

It’s been a while since you were seen in a hit film. Your only release last year HELP didn’t do very well. Why do we see you in less films?
HELP didn’t do well at all. I thought I’ll try my hand at a horror film. But when they make a film, it doesn’t shape up the way you expect it. There’s nothing you can do about it. I didn’t want to do anything just because I had to work. That takes away the soul of acting.



Have you ever felt insecure because of Dharmendra and Sunny?
I’ve never felt insecure of my dad and Sunny. It’s never affected my career. They are different personalities. They have done different kinds of films and even I have done different films. There is nothing similar in any of our films. There is no way they could interfere in my work.

And what about YPD?
The magic of YPD is three Deols together. That’s what made this film happen. All the characters are very interesting. Each character has his own hold when you see the film.

Are you a very private person?
My whole family is private. We don’t like to talk about our lives. We can’t do that. We are not made like that. But we are trying to be more interactive, but it only happens when are films are coming out.

Do you want your kids to be a part of the industry?
Every father wants his sons to do what he does. But they have a long way to go. They are still kids. Let’s see what happens.

What are your future projects?
I’m doing THANK YOU with Anees Bazmee and I’m doing a film with Abbas-Mastan called PLAYERS.

Anything else that you want to say?
I want people to go to theatres and watch the film and not on pirated DVDs or illegally on the internet.

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