Interview : Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone has her hands full these days. Wrapping up two films, she has got busy shooting Rajinikanth's RANA. Read on to know what she had to say about Rajinikanth, her upcoming films, and more.

You too have created a new record in Bollywood by finishing dubbing for AARAKSHAN in four days. What do you have to say on that?
Dubbing is very important for a film, it's not a competition. It's not about how many days you take to complete the film. I personally feel dubbing can actually enhance one's performance. So, there is no rush as long as you do it properly and your director is happy about your dubbing. Prakashji (Jha) was happy with our dubbing…that was more important for us.

What are the films you are doing at the moment?
I just completed two films – AARAKSHAN And DESI BOYZ- both will hopefully release this year. I have also started shooting for Rajni Sir's (Rajinikanth) RANA. I will start shooting COCKTAIL with Saif (Ali Khan) by this month. And there's RACE 2 that starts at the end of this year.


How was it shooting with Rajinikanth?
I haven't shot a scene with Rajini Sir yet…we just met at the puja during the mahurat of the film. The song that I have shot, is a solo one. I shot the song for six days and still half the song is left. This film (RANA) is CG heavy?there's lot of post-work that needs to be done. So we have to spend a lot of time on the shoots. I am really looking forward to meet Rajini Sir in the next schedule.

For the first time we will get to see you pairing up with John Abraham in DESI BOYZ. How is he as a co-star?
He is a wonderful co-star, very supportive and great fun to be around.

Superhero flicks are getting too much attention in Bollywood. What if you are offered to play a superwoman? And whom do you want to play the male lead?
If I can carry a superwoman film myself, I would love to. Otherwise, I would like to be cast with Aamir (Khan).


On a different note, you are seen endorsing a lot of products these days. How do you select a product for endorsement?
The first thing I see is that if I connect with the product or not. I know we all say this. But it is very important for me because when you go out and talk about a product, you have to understand what you are saying and the product as well. Then of course, it has to suit my age and personality.



Interview : Deepika Padukone 2

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