Interview : Diana Hayden


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view DIANA HAYEN picture gallery

She’s got style, charisma and poise. Known for her beauty and intellect, we chat up with former Miss World Diana Hayden on life after Big Boss 2, her absence on silver screen, passion for television and what’s next.

How has life been after Big Boss 2?
Oh it has been very hectic but good! (Excitedly) There has been a lot of catching up to do, after I came back from the house. Honestly, I didn’t expect to be in the house for too long, since you know I am not…ummm…”masala”, and the audiences do like to watch controversies. So, I thought it would be quite boring to watch me on television. (Laughs) Of late, I have been busy shooting for the TVC and photoshoot for Fact Miss Teen India, a contest of its kind for the first time in reality TV, which I am quite excited about! So work is keeping me fit, and keeping me on my toes! (Smiles)

We all loved your chemistry with Ashutosh Kaushik in the house.

‘ I see myself continuing to reach out to a lot of people…’

We all know there is nothing between me and Ashu! There was nothing between both of us during Big Boss 2 as well. As soon as I came back from the house, I cleared the air, so now people know that we are just good friends.

Are you still in touch with him?
Yes, I am in touch with Ashu, Sambhavna and Debojit from the show. They are genuine people, and if I do like someone, I am quite upfront about it. We still meet up sometimes and often chat up on the phone keeping each other updated. I am glad to have met them through the show.

It’s Fact Miss Teen India now. How did this happen?
Oh it all happened in just one day! They approached me, and we worked things out immediately. I am the Brand Ambassador and will be the judge of Fact Miss Teen India. I will be involved in the auditions as well, and will also mentor the girls on the show. My experience suited the role they had in mind, considering I have been a part of a beauty pageant at an international level, I am right out of a reality show on television, and conduct lectures on grooming, confidence building and communication skills. I am looking forward to working with young girls who are always raring to go, with passion and hunger to learn! (Excitedly)


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From one reality show to another, are you going to stick to reality television?
Having done a reality show like Big Boss 2 recently, I am sure people would think that I would get typecast. But that is not true. I am open to doing other kinds of shows as well.

So is it films or television?
I love my work on small screen! (Enthusiastically) It is a personal medium which reaches out to a wider audience at their homes. I love being myself, and shows which let me do so absolutely satisfy me. I loved hosting for the History Channel. These kind of shows let me bring out my real self, which I am happiest doing. I cannot do soaps! Not at all. They are definitely not me. What film front? There is no film front for me as of now.

But you did do a few films, after you were crowned Miss World.
Yes, I did. I had studied acting from London, Shakespeare based acting as well, to which I did a film. Then I took up a film in Bollywood because the story was very powerful.

Is there any particular actor or director you would like to work with in films?
I do not want to do films, so it’s not like I have anything particular in mind. I would not mind doing something exceptional, with a powerful story. Otherwise, I am happy doing what I am doing.

So how has the journey been from Bollywood to date?
It has been a fantastic journey! I am blessed to be in the position that I am today, and I appreciate it each day. I have traveled the world, met wonderful people, and had good and bad experiences. It is these experiences which help to shape who you are. It is a journey. Life is a journey! (Smiles)

So where do u see yourself five years down the line?
Even five years down the line, I see myself doing what I am doing, because I love it, and it keeps me ticking. I absolutely enjoy hosting shows and corporate events for which I travel a lot, within and outside the country. I see myself continuing to reach out to a lot of people, giving the lectures on confidence building. But of course, I will also continue to do the charity work I do, striving for education for the youth of country.