Sunday, October 24, 2021

Interview : Hema Malini

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Hema Malini breezed in Kolkata recently, not to promote a new film, but as the brand ambassador of Dreamline Big Bazaar. The original Dreamgirl gets candid with our correspondent during the brief rendezvous.

Why did you suddenly choose to be the brand ambassador of home appliance store?
Dreamline really has a good collection of home appliances and decor. They launched this ‘Meet the Dreamgirl’ sort of contest and so I am here to meet with the lucky winners.

Do you still enjoy the ‘Dreamgirl’ tag?
It’s not just a ‘tag’ for me…it takes years of dedication to earn this honour and even more dedication to maintain it over years. By the way, who won’t like to be pampered and called ‘Dreamgirl’?

And, what goes towards maintaining the ‘Dreamgirl’ look?

In my early days, I often wanted to shy away from people.’

Vitamins, yoga and eating right. If you are blessed with a beautiful face and body, you must learn to take proper care of it….don’t abuse it. You can’t afford to allow life’s complications and problems or bad habits affect or harm your looks. Dancing also helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. Another thing that helps me maintain a healthy mind is my spiritualism.

While your contemporary stars prefer to maintain a distance from fans, you are quite accessible to them. Why?
I think it’s my duty to remain accessible to my fans. I am a performer and it’s because of them that I am Hema Malini. During my early days, I often wanted to shy away from people. But my mother and brother always used to tell me never to offend a fan. Even today, during campaigning for my party (BJP), people ask me to say some dialogues from films like SHOLAY and SEETA AUR GEETA. And I happily oblige them.



Are you doing any films at the moment?
Not many…there is a film I am planning to make with Esha (Deol). And there is a film where Esha and me are working together. But sorry, can’t divulge more about the project at the moment. I am now concentrating in my next dance ballet Ganga.

Where do you get the energy to dance even at 60?
What has age to do with dance? I just told you that I am a spiritual person and to me, dance is one of the best forms of spiritualism.

Why aren’t we seeing Esha more on screen?
You have to ask her that. She has a few projects in hand. But see, the industry is difficult for star kids…the expectation is too high from them. But Esha has time to prove herself.

What about your other daughter Ahana?
She is into fashion designing.

What are your hobbies?
I don’t love, but enjoy cooking. I can make tea, but can’t make snacks or rotis. I can also make finger-licking lime pickle. I am a shopaholic. I love to wear sarees, especially, Chanderi, hand-woven sarees and those with borders.

We heard that you are tech-savvy as well?
Yes, very much! I love exploring my phone, camera and laptop. I pester my daughters to teach me A-Z of computers, but they run away (laughs). But I have learnt to download music and check emails of my computer.

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