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She is considered among the most celebrated and talented singers in bollywood. Having won many awards for her singing talent including the Filmfare and the Star Screen awards, Jaspinder Narula believes in making her work do the talking. That is of course one of the main reasons why this singing sensation does not believe that headlines alone are important to gauge someone’s worth.

The singer who’s the only one to hold a doctorate degree in music took time off her busy schedule for an exclusive tete-a-tete. We caught up with the gorgeous singer to talk about her journey so far and her future plans. Here’s Jaspinder Narula in an exclusive chat.

We have not seen you in a long time? What has been keeping you so occupied?
Well, it has been a mix of both personal and professional commitments. In the last few years my personal life took precedence over my professional one. This is one of the reasons that my fans got to see so little of me.

“I’m a very secure person at heart”

Moreover, my stage shows across the continents keep me on my toes. So, in this process I managed to do very few films.

Do you think bollywood has been unfair to your talent?
I am a strong believer in destiny. I think your fate decides your success and failure. I won’t say that bollywood has been unfair to me. But, yes, I agree that success has created many enemies in my life who don’t wish to see me at the pinnacle. Actually competition creates insecurities among many people. There are many people who have tried to undermine me since they feel threatened by my talent. But, to tell you honestly, it has never bothered me much.

It’s said that unlike most of the singers you don’t believe in asking for work. What makes you take this approach in life?
I believe in my talent. And so do people who still keep asking me about my songs. But, it doesn’t mean that I will go out asking for work. People know about my singing talent. They have liked my work and I believe in doing only that kind of work which does not rob singing of its soul. Many a times I don’t take up work for that reason.

I’m a very secure person at heart. I run singing academies in India and abroad. I am planning my new album and my next world tour. I really don’t have time to run after people asking for work. I can’t dilute my talent by doing that.

There a new trend among the singers of today. Most of them seem to be busy judging reality shows? What’s your take on that?
First of all, being a trained singer, I believe singing is a serious art and it cannot be learnt with a few tricks alone. As I mentioned earlier, the lack of soul in the signing talent does not guarantee a high flying career no matter what the popularity of the singer may be.

Sadly, in today’s singing reality shows the soul is the missing factor. It makes a nice TV viewing experience but the fact is that that the youngsters need to understand that being a real singer and being a good performer are two different things.

Can you tell us something about your upcoming projects?
At the moment I am busy with my singing academy. I am holding nationwide classes to promote the singing talent. Apart from that I am planning to cut my next album which is something I have been thinking for some time.



Interview : Jaspinder Narula 2

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