Interview : Juhi Chawla

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view JUHI CHAWLA picture gallery

With the IPL Season 3 on, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner Juhi Chawla is keeping her fingers crossed. The actor tells our correspondent that the team needs the luck-factor this season.

Last season, KKR ended being the last in the IPL list. So, you must be a bit tensed this time?
We just need the luck-factor this time. We are proud of Dada (Sourav Ganguly). He has the captain’s luck and he is a fighting cricketer and hope he brings that dash to the team.

Do you think changing the colour of the KKR jersey from black to purple will add to the luck-factor?
(Smiles) Going with the luck factor we have changed the black colour of our jerseys to purple and hope that gives us a Purple Patch; though, personally, I loved the black one more. The team management is working very hard both on and off the field this time and we are confident of doing well. We just need the luck as we said.

“I call Shahrukh
‘Lucky Ali'”

Are you superstitious?

Not really. But every time there is a KKR match in Kolkata, I try to go and offer my prayers at a city temple.

Your friendship with Shah Rukh Khan goes a long way-be it films or IPL?
Yes. We are buddies. That’s why, whether it’s starting a film production house (Dreamz Unlimited) or owning an IPL team, I try to have him with me. I call him ‘Lucky Ali’…he brings good luck to the people associated with him.

Okay, let’s go down memory lane now. You became an overnight sensation with QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK (QSQT). Did you ever dream of making it so big in Bollywood?
You know, I was about 10-11 years old when my family got an invitation to watch the Filmfare Awards in Mumbai. It was the only film event I saw in my childhood days. I was awestruck! It was a big night…the entire film industry was present…there was Lakshmikant-Pyarelalji’s live orchestra…awards…I watched wide-eyed. And years later, I found myself working in the same industry and getting Filmfare awards. It’s a feeling that you can’t express in words.



So, how much has Juhi Chawla changed since the QSQT days?
Honestly speaking, I have tried not to change myself. Yes, I used to be a very shy person. But acting in front of camera has made me get over my shyness. I have become more confident. When I started as an actress, I used to get nervous and scared if given a complicated dance step or a long dialogue. Obviously, now you can’t expect that from me! Otherwise, I think I haven’t changed…I tried not to let success rob my true self off me.

People love to see you more in comedy films than serious ones. What do you enjoy most?
It’s fun doing comedy films. You don’t even realize when you are through with a particular scene. By nature, I am a fun-loving person, so I enjoy doing comedies very much. But an actor should do all kinds of roles, and hence I have tried and still try my hand at emotional and serious films.

You almost ruled the 90s as Bollywood’s No. 1 actress…
Believe me, I never wanted these numbers. All that was in my mind at that time…and even today…is that I have to do good work.

You have a flair for singing too. Ever thought of cutting an album?
(Smiles) What do you think? Who will give me a chance to sing for a film, or an album?

You are famous for your smile. Don’t you ever get angry?
People keep telling me that I smile all the time. Be it in professional or personal life, I always try to maintain a good feeling around me. I do get angry, tensed, upset…I do cry…but that’s mostly when I am alone.

So, how will you describe yourself?
I am an ordinary person who had some extraordinary opportunities.

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