Interview : Karisma Kapoor

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Bollywood actor Karisma Kapoor recently breezed through Kolkata to inaugurate a shopping arcade- i-Core Planet. The diva in conversation with our Correspondent

It’s long time that we have seen you in a film. Are you quitting Bollywood?
Not at all. But definitely I cut down on work after marriage and almost stopped working after the birth of my daughter Samiera in 2005. And that’s because family is my priority and it will remain so always. But that doesn’t mean that I have said ‘goodbye’ to films.

Are you reading scripts off late?
No…at present there are neither films nor scripts. But one thing is clear, if I have to restart my acting career, the script has to be really good and challenging for me.

“Bebo is a born genius.”

Do you miss the David Dhawan-Govinda-Karisma Kapoor combination that rocked Bollywood in the ’90s?

Those were some of the most memorable moments of my life. Every day we eagerly waited for the shoots because in shooting with Govinda for David Dhawan, itself was a fun-time for me. I just co-judged a laughter show-Haans Baliye, with Davidji. I was telling him how we used to have fun on the sets.

You said you are open to films. But do you think the audience will applaud you the same way they did in the ’90s, especially when comeback films of married actresses are generally not well-received?
I got what you meant. See, obviously the audience can’t expect the same Karisma Kappor of the COOLIE NO 1 or HERO NO 1 days. Now I won’t dance in dream sequences or do some coquettish act. Instead I would like to explore different genres of films and characters. So there is the difference. But today’s audience is very intelligent. They judge a film by its script and an actor by his/her acting talent. So I don’t think there will be problem in reception.

view KARISMA KAPOOR picture gallery

view KARISMA KAPOOR picture gallery

Are you doing any television shows?
I just finished with ‘Haans Baliye’…let me breathe first (smiles). At the moment there are no tele shows. I am doing two advertisements. That’s that. I told you I no more want to rush myself. I have got my share of name and fame quite early in my life.

You inaugurated a shopping arcade in Kolkata. Are you shopaholic?
Definitely I am. I love shopping. Earlier I used to shop only for myself, then for my sister (Kareena) and now for my daughter.

What kind of dresses define you the best?
I am most comfortable in casual wear.

Kareena says she has learnt a lot from you not only in terms of acting but also the art of make up and how to dress…
Bebo (Kareena) is a born genius. We are more like best friends than siblings. Initially, I did help her with the basics, but now she knows how to do magic herself.

When is Kareena and Saif (Ali Khan) tying the knots?
I surely can’t comment on their personal matter and decision. It’s for them to decide and announce.

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