Interview : Katrina Kaif


Playing her RAAJNEETI, Katrina Kaif has shown that she is not just all about oomph, but substance as well. The actor in conversation with our correspondent.

RAAJNEETI saw Katrina Kaif in her first de-glam avatar…
Yes. But know what…I dislike makeup. So when Prakash Jha (filmmaker) said I have to play a politician without pancakes, I was more than happy.

But the words that are mostly associated with you are hot and sexy…
You know, I personally feel that I am not hot or sexy. You have to have an appeal that will make you special. My appeal lies in what the audiences think about me. All you have to do is try not to disappoint them. Like, Vidya Balan is known for her very ethnic roles…people love her in that. And, I think I am known for my fun roles. That's how we feel comfortable; not by the tags on our looks.


When you started, were you conscious of the fact that people will give you opportunity in Bollywood because the way you look?
I started modeling when I was 14 and entered the glamour industry at a very
"I am not hot or sexy…!"

young age. I am aware of my looks but I guess only looks is not enough in my profession.

Many Bollywood actresses are trying their hands in action. When are we going to see you as an action heroine?
I love doing different kind of things. I love doing things that I am scared of. But I don't like jumping out of planes; I like my feet to be on the ground instead of in the air. (Pauses) On second thoughts, I would love to do an action film like CHARLIES ANGLES. And…


I want to do a period film.

You are considered lucky for Box Office. How's that most of your films turn out to be BO hits?
Films are something you have to pick by your instinct. I feel there is something Greater Force present in my life, which has saved me from doing a lot of bad films. I have noticed that the films which I have not done, or wanted to do but didn't work out for some reasons or another, have not done well.

Other than Ranbir Kapoor, all your on-screen heroes are quite elder to you…
Yeah! At times I rag them on this issue. But they will say: 'Look at us and other men in our age group'. Really, you have to give them credit; it's not easy to maintain yourself like that, trust me. They all look so fantastic for their age-Aamir (Khan), Shah Rukh (Khan); my mother finds Akshay Kumar really good-looking. (Smiles)


You are seven sisters… it must have been crazy growing up together?
It's a wonderful experience to live and grow with my six sisters. My biggest regret is that I can't live with all of them under the same roof now.

What are the things you can't do without?
Japanese food, sleeping, beaches…and of course, movies…they are my passion.

What is the mantra you have adopted after almost seven years in Bollywood?
Live and let live (laughs). I want to be happy and be loved…that's all.

Media speculations involving you and Salman Khan are still on. Salman has been telling the media that he is not alone and also hinting at his relationship with you. What will you say about this?
He is a very senior actor and has his own ways in dealing with the media. But I don't like making my personal life public.




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