Interview : Mahi Gill

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download DEV D wallpapers

Mahi Gill who was Paro in DEV D but could well be termed as ‘Chandramukhi’, courtesy her latest release GULAAL where her character of Madhuri is a mistress, mujra dancer as well as a beauty parlor owner With her short but impressive performance in GULAAL getting noticed once again, Mahi is happy that she has been to make it two in a row,

So overall, are you happy with the kind of visibility that you have been getting off late?
Very much happy. There are number of small towns in Punjab and I didn’t have any clue about people being aware of DEV D. I was shocked though when I made the round of theaters in Ludhiana, Jalandhar etc. There have been so many calls and messages from known people as well as strangers from across the state. I am particularly stressing upon Punjab because when it comes to metros like Mumbai and Delhi, there was a certain confidence that the film will pull through. But small towns? Well, even I hadn’t expected such a response!

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In the times when actors are seen shouting from rooftops even after a marginal hit, you have been unusually quiet?
Yaar, I like to keep a low profile. In fact till date the feeling hasn’t sunk in that DEV D has become such a good success and GULAAL too has arrived immediately after. Moreover, being not into limelight is okay with me. I am happy and that’s what that matters. In fact people close to me continue to tell me to be grounded in my conduct (laughs). They keep reminding me that ‘zyaada udhne ki zaroorat nahi hai’.

Within a span of five weeks, you are enjoying the release of two of your films. Busy times indeed. So have you made Mumbai as your base or you continue to shuttle between the city and Chandigarh?
No no, I have pretty much made Mumbai as my home now. Yes, I stay all alone but then I have quite a few lovely friends to take care of me. They are always there for me. Quite a few of them are from Bollywood and trying to set their feet in the industry. They protect me and love me so much ki ghar ki yaad nahi aane dete kabhi.

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