Interview : Mehul Kumar




Mehul Kumar is back with a bang. The acclaimed filmmaker, who has given bollywood its flashes of brilliance through some his acclaimed films is donning the spotlight again.

This time the filmmaker is back with the second installment of his earlier success KRANTIVEER.
The best part is that with his new film, the veteran filmmaker will be launching his daughter Jahan Bloch into bollywood.

We caught with the filmmaker to talk about his latest film, his daughter’s bollywood debut and much more. 

Our correspendent in a chit-chat with Mehul Kumar.

How is this film different from your earlier film?
My earlier film which was also titled KRANTIVEER and had some power packed performances was a different take on patriotism. I have not borrowed from that film while making the current one. Though, the context in which the story is based might overlap, but there is a lot of freshness in my new film. First of all it is more targeted to the youth of our times. That is one of the main

“I didn’t want to carry the hangover of my earlier success with KRANTIVEER…”

reasons why I decided to work with young actors this time.

So, the soul of the film remains the same but it has its own freshness which is vastly different from my earlier KRANTIVEER.

This film is also the launch pad of your daughter Jahan Bloch in bollywood. You have chosen to launch her sans any big star. How comfortable are you with this launch?
I am a really satisfied father at this point of time. I think Jahan is lucky to make her debut with such a hard hitting film. I agree that we can’t boast of any big star cast in this film, but my way of looking at things is quite different.

I think a film’s success is mainly based on its storyline and its engagement with the audiences. If the story is strong, the audiences will love it. You can see that sometimes the films with huge cast also fail to woo the audiences. I think KRANTIVEER will meet the audience’s expectations and my actors will get noticed for the immense hard work that they have put in this film.



Tell me is making a sequel of a successful film a tough task?
Well, it certainly is not a simple thing to do. A sequel is something which has to come up to the expectations of its earlier version and at the same time it has to be fresh. So, it’s a twin challenge.

When I started writing my new film I had decided not to carry the hangover of my earlier success. It was not a simple thing to do. At the same time I had the huge pressure of coming up with a film that matches the success of my earlier film.

So, in a way the challenge was always there. Moreover, the fact that I chose to do this film with newcomers made it necessary that the story be really powerful. Now, I have given my best and now I leave it to the audiences to decide.


How was it directing Jahan in the film? You are known for being strict on the sets, did you act as a director or a dad with her?
Laughs. Well, the good thing about my star cast is that all of them are immensely talented. In fact I was really impressed by the dedication they showed on the sets.

As far as directing Jahan is concerned, there was more of the director in me that she saw on the sets. But, I think that she has a great understanding of the finer nuances of acting and this fact is surely her strongest point.

Lastly, give me two reasons why the audiences should come to watch KRANTIVEER again?
Firstly, I think the very fact it is the second installment of the much liked film KRANTIVEER, the audiences should come to watch the new flavour of this popular film. The curiosity is best solved when you go and watch it and compare it.

The second reason would the performances packed in by my young actors. You cannot miss the intensity of their acting talent. If you do, then you will surely be missing something good.



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