Interview : Mimoh Chakraborty




He is the son of the India’s most celebrated dancing sensation and superstar of yester years Mithun Chakraborty. Having already made his bollywood debut that made critics notice him for his raw talent, Mimoh Chakraborty is busy sharpening his skills to cast his spell on the box office this time.

Having learnt his lessons the hard way, Mimoh Chakraborty is a far cry from what he was when his first film JIMMY hit the screens. We caught up with the actor to talk about his film plans and more.

Your debut film JIMMY was a bad start for you. Many felt that you were ill prepared for the debut. Do you agree?
Honestly speaking I have little to dispute about what you are saying. May be I could have waited to groom myself much better and reaped better reviews. But, all said and done, I think JIMMY has taught me a lot in terms of experience. I am ready to accept the fate of the film without feeling apologetic about its failure. In the end I have become a better actor with this release.

‘I won’t be comfortable working in my dad’s film…’

Being the son of a superstar who has reigned bollywood for years, didn’t you take counsel from your dad while making your bollywood debut?

I’m proud to have the most supporting father by my side. He has given me total liberty to negotiate life on my own terms. Which also means that I have the liberty to fail and owe the responsibility for it. It was my decision to sign JIMMY and my dad has stood up for me just because I felt like doing the film.

How has the failure of your first film shaped you?
Like I said before, the failure of JIMMY has taught me many things. Now, I’m leaving no stones unturned to nurture the actor in me. I am in no tearing hurry to sign films. I am waiting for the right script to come my way. In the meantime I’m keeping myself open to all possibilities.

There were reports that your dad is planning to launch a film for you. Is that a fact?
No it’s not true. And even if dad proposes such a thing I won’t be comfortable with this option. I think I have to prove myself before giving nod to such propositions. Let me first get my deserved share of recognition among the audiences and later bank on my dad to launch me. Smiles.

Can you tell us about your forthcoming films?
I’m taking it slow at the moment. I want to choose my scripts carefully this time around. A lot of offers are coming my way, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Lastly, have you ever felt pressurized by the fact that being a celebrity son it is a huge responsibility on your part to be part of successful films? Does this fact weight heavy on your shoulders?
Yes, the pressure is there. But it is more about self inflicted than from my family or friends. Of course, when you are a pedigreed actor, people have expectations. I’m sure things are going to work out in my favour; it’s just a matter of time and the right script.