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Interview : Mithoon Sharma

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Meet Mithoon Sharma, the singer-composer who gave the Indian youth a lot to cheer about with ‘Woh Lamhe’ from ZEHER and ‘Maula Mere Maula’ from ANWAR is all set to be back on the scene with his new album. ‘Tuhi Mere Rab Ki Tarha Hai’ under Bhushan Kumar’s banner. Mithoon has been working on the album since a year and has gone all the way to the United Kingdom to
work on the project. Mithoon preferably works with Sayeed Quadri and this time, too, he has roped in the veteran lyricist to pen his songs. ‘Tuhi Mere Rab Ki Tarha Hai’ is Mithoon’s debut non-film album and obviously he has lot of hopes with it!

Mithoon, your first non filmy album ‘Tu Hi Mere Rab Ki Tarah Hai’ is going to release on January 30th by T-Series. Tell us something about the album.
This new album is very special to me. It is a gift from GOD. I didn’t sign any film while I was working on this album since I wanted to be in my own space having no other commitments. Every song is just me, or rather reflecting me. Working on this album has been quite an introspective experience. Since I was trying to know more about the person inside me and bring it out in the songs.

What is the difference between working on a movie and an album?
Working on a film is quite different where as a composer I would work to help the director communicate his story to the audience. Obviously in my own interpretative way. However an album is just the composer’s personal views and thoughts reflected in his music.

What does music mean to you?
I believe music is GOD’s gift. I thank the LORD for his mercy and grace. For he made me a musician and he is the very source of all my creativity. It is the most treasured aspect of my life.

You signed a deal with T-series. Is it true? What made u to sign the deal?
I have signed a deal with T-series and they have produced this new album of mine. I have enjoyed working with them because I had my space while working, they believed in my vision as a composer. I am looking forward to do some good work with them.

You started your career as a music director in film ZEHER and followed up in ANWAR, BAS EK PAL and so on. How you enjoy your career as a composer?
I have enjoyed my career so far as a film composer. I had decided to be one at the age of 16. I enjoy story telling and every aspect of it and it is very satisfying to know that people have such a bond with my music which has released so far.

Is it true you replaced Himesh Reshamiya in for composing the soundtrack for the movie AGGAR? If true, how was your reaction?
I had no idea that any other composer was supposed to do the music for my film AGGAR. I was approached to do the film and I went ahead. I learnt about this later and don’t have much to say about. It’s cool!

You made your singing debut with THE TRAIN: SOME LINES SHOULD NEVER BE CROSSED. Songs ‘Woh Ajnabee’ and ‘Mausam’ from the film are still a rage. Suddenly why you switched from composing to singing?
My singing wasn’t planned intentionally. I just sung a rough track of ‘Woh Ajnabee’ from THE TRAIN for the shoot. Everybody liked it a lot and asked me to retain my voice. I was hesitant initially but decided in favour of it when my friend and leading mix engineer Eric Pillai asked me to go ahead.



Now, Mithoon is a composer and a singer. Are you comfortable with your dual career? Which one you enjoy most?
I won’t call it as a dual profession. Basically I am an expressionist. Every composer does sing. Sometimes it’s a little dim. I decided to bring it forth now.

Why did you adapt a career in Music, is there any particular reason?
GOD chose me to do music. He guided me right from the beginning and literally told me what to do when. It is my practical experience. That is how I could start at a relatively early age. My family has a history of musicians and that is why I had that attraction towards it.

Tell us about your music lesson? Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is my father (Mr. Naresh Sharma) who has composed music for films for the last 30 years. I am his fan like so many people around the world. He has been a rock solid guide for me. I play the piano and keyboards and write my own arrangements. I trained on the piano under Sir Tony Pinto (India’s leading Jazz pianist) and was introduced to the keyboards by Mr Rajiv Shah.

Which singer and composer do you like most?
I admire Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, Madan Mohan, Sir Pyarelalji, Ilaiyaraja, Amar Haldipur, M. M. Kreem and A. R. Rahman.

What are your favorite songs?
My favourite songs would be ‘Na hum bewafa’, ‘Lag ja Gale’ by Madan Mohan. ‘Tere Bina zindagi’ se by R D Burman. ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ by Laxmikant Pyarelal. ‘Kehna hi kya’ and ‘Chupke se’ by AR Rahman.

You also worked for an international movie, a Malaysian film. How was the experience?
Yes I have worked on a Malaysian movie called DIVA for which I composed five songs and wrote the background score as well. It was an amazing experience working with renowned vocalist Ning Baizura.

After 10 years down the line where we can see Mithoon – the composer & singer?
10 years or 50 years later; wherever I am, I will always be a musician. I will always seek to express myself more and more sincerely. It is necessary to listen to the person inside us. Because he expresses nothing but the truth.

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