Interview : Pankaj Kapur

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Ever since he made his presence felt on television, Pankaj Kapur’s fan following has only grown over the years. The actor par excellence has held his audiences spellbound with his flawless performances whether it was a serious drama, or a comedy series. But one series that gave him unprecedented popularity was ‘Zabaan Sambhal Ke’, the rip-roaring comedy of the early ’90s. Now, the DVD of Zabaan Sambhal Ke, launched by Shemaroo Entertainment has also hit the bull’s eye, grossing unexpected sales figures from all over the country. Kapur, naturally, is elated. Excerpts from an interview with the actor:

How do you feel about coming home with the home video of ‘Zabaan Sambhal Ke’?
Obviously, I am delighted to hear this. Shemaroo and Rajiv Mehra (the serial’s director) did a great thing by reviving the series in this format. What usually happens is that old programmes, especially TV serials, are forgotten over time. But this was a very popular series and I am told that it became popular even in other countries. It is a treat for the younger generation of viewers who are not familiar with it and also those who had enjoyed it then.

What was your first reaction on hearing about the coming back of Zanbaan ambhalke?
‘Zabaan Sambhal ke’ was highly appreciated many years ago and the DVD will bring it alive once again. It can be taken to all those who had missed it and want to see it now. And people can watch it at their own convenience.

How was it meeting all your co-actors once again?
Wonderful! It was as if we had gone back by 15 years! We met just like we used to when the serial was being shot. The whole unit was like a family. And that was exactly how it felt even after so many years.

What is the one thing that you remember the most about the shooting of ‘Zabaan Sambhal Ke’?
I think the camaraderie between all of us. We used to look forward to meeting each other. The shooting used to go on almost regularly. So we used to be together on most days of the month. We used to feel excited about seeing each other which was something quite wonderful.

Would you term revival of old show on home video as a wise business decision?
Yes. I am sure they must have done some kind of a market research before launching the show on home video. As it is, there is a dearth of good comedies these days. Currently there is only one channel which is totally devoted to comedies. Most of the other channels focus on socially-oriented serials.

You were really enjoying the clippings of ‘Zabaan Sambhal Ke’ promo-cut. As a viewer what do you feel about the show?
That was just a 10-minute clipping of the series. But from whatever I saw, I think it was genuinely funny. It was a great comedy.

Would you accept an offer to be part of a remake of the series if it were ever made?
It would be subject to the story, to the availability of all the actors, to the timeframe in which it would be made and so on. But yes, I would love be a part of it.

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