Interview : Prachi Desai

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view LIFE PARTNER teasers

view LIFE PARTNER teasers

It’s more than a year now that ROCK ON released and since then there has been no looking back for Prachi Desai. She is ready with her second film LIFE PARTNER and is all excited about it. The actress spoke to our correspondent on her role, her future plans and more.

You seem to be on a high since ROCK ON!! released?
It’s exactly a year now but yes I am really happy about the way it changed my career, my plans and everything around me. But I am not resting on my laurels as I plan to do a number of roles (Smiles). It has been a great year so far.

So you can feel the change?
(Laughs) Don’t even ask me that. My life has changed completely and drastically. Television and films are two completely different mediums and I can feel the change. It’s a big place, work culture is different and so many other things. I am still trying to get accustomed to all this. For me it is like learning step by step. I don’t want to hasten but am a silent learner. The last year has been real fun for me, at the same time and a learning experience.

In fact LIFE PARTNER is a comedy, something that you haven’t done earlier.

“I too want to play my age.”

In fact, I have only made people cry so far. (Laughs out loud). It was only serious roles that I had been playing… on television, in ROCK ON!! Everywhere. So this is also a welcome relief for me as well as the audiences. It’s a fun movie full of one-liners and the comedy is completely situational.

But you are again playing a married woman.
(Ha…ha…ha). I think not only the audiences but the directors too now have started loving me as married woman. But on a serious note LIFE PARTNER is one film I really wanted to do because of the script and the role. It’s just a coincidence that so far I have always played a married woman on screen. But I too now want to do films, where I can play other roles. It’s time now that I should take this into concern.

Don’t you think that you might just get typecast and land up doing such role over and again?
To be honest I am very conscious about that. I think before coming to film the directors had seen me only as a married woman on television. But I can’t deny that it’s because of television that I am here today, got so many good roles and now I am looking for a steady career in Bollywood. Actually, most people still can’t guess my age or may be they are completely unaware that I am only 20 years old. They have always seen me in a saree and with sindoor on my forehead. So it’s also not their fault. I too want to play my age and very soon you will see me doing that. At the same time I also think it’s a great achievement for me to have played roles of married woman which otherwise is played by senior actresses with years of experiences behind them.

view LIFE PARTNER movie stills

view LIFE PARTNER movie stills

What’s your role in LIFE PARTNER?
A married woman! (Pauses). See you already know it but it’s not that I am married from the beginning till the end. I play a Gujarati girl, from a royal family. She is educated, knows the world, smart and modern yet she is very attached to her family and believes in the traditional value system. She runs her father’s business and believes in the institution of marriage and is a dutiful wife. It’s a mad film. More so because you have great actors like Govinda, Tusshar Kapoor and Fardeen Khan who have impeccable sense of comic timing.

And what about Genelia D’Souza?
Oh! she is a darling. We have become quite a friend. We really got along well on the sets and were like pranksters.

Don’t you think of going back to television?
Oh no….at least not now. I do miss television but I don’t think I will be back anytime soon.

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Not even if your mentor Ekta Kapoor asks you to?
I don’t think she will do that because she is my mentor. We are still very close to each other and share the same relationship. I still take suggestions from her because I know she is always there for me. It’s hasn’t changed a bit.

Your next film ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI is again has a very serious subject.
It’s a film where I play a serious role but it is a lot different from my previous roles. It’s a gangster film but again very different.

What next?
Officially these are the two projects I have, though I am about to sign up a few more. There’s a lot happening (Smiles)

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