Interview : Prateik and Amy Jackson

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'We have got a good chemistry'

Bolly buffs will be enjoying the fresh pairing of Prateik and British model-actor Amy Jackson in Gautham Menon's romantic flick EKK DEEWANA THA. Our correspondent catches up with the actors in Mumbai.

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Amy, you are debuting in Bollywood with EKK DEEWANA THA. What do you have to say about the film?
Amy: Teaming up with Gautham Menon for our movie EKK DEEWANA THA is a fabulous experience…it's a fabulous team. The film releases 17th February, and since it's a romantic film, it will be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. And I am sure everybody is going to absolutely adore it.

How was your chemistry with Prateik?
Amy:We shot together for five months. It's a romantic movie. So I guess we have got a good chemistry.

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'I would like to gift me to Amy'

Prateik, tell us about your character in EKK DEEWANA THA. 
Prateik: I am playing a middle-class Maharashtrian boy, who is around 25 years old. He wants to be a film director. Then Amy comes in his life and love at first sight ho jata hai. Now he wants to fulfill his dream, become a film director as well as keep his love to him. Like the tagline says-A perfect romance…more or less-all the love-birds out there, you will be reminded of yourself and listen to some really beautiful, awesome music by AR Rahman.

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You are playing a romantic hero…
Prateik: Yes. This project is very close to my heart and has given me the opportunity to work with stalwarts like AR Rahman, Gautham Menon and Javed Akhtar. It's an absolute honour to do so. I have learnt so much from each and every one of them observing their work.

Amy, what do you think of Prateik? 
Amy: Prateik is a dashing man. He is a romantic hero for the first time.

The songs of EKK DEEWANA THA are already topping music charts…
Amy: The songs of the film are absolutely surreal. EKK DEEWANA THA is a pure love story and the songs play a perfect setting to the storyline.

Are you liking India? 
Amy: Yes, very much. The days of shooting were really good…the time I spent in Mumbai was awesome. This is my first time in India and I am celebrating it.

Prateik, how are you going to spend your Valentine's Day? 
Prateik: By working. We (Amy and me) are being thrown at all possible places to promote the film. So, on Valentine's Day also, we will be promoting EKK DEEWANA THA. But I hope I can take out five-ten minutes and rush to a florist and get some flowers for Amy.

Is there a special gift that you would like to give Amy? 
Prateik: I have already given her flowers. And I would like to gift me to Amy.

Are you a romantic at heart? 
Prateik: The name of my film is EKK DEEWANA THA. But I am not Ekk Deewana Tha, but ek deewana hoon and ek deewana rahunga.

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