Interview : Priyanka Chopra

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When it comes to films, Priyanka Chopra is always ready to surprise you with her roles…if in one film she is the 'Desi Girl', in another she is a pucca Marathi mulgi, while in WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE, she is all set to portray twelve characters. Our correspondent chats up with the star on her films, marriage and Shahid Kapur.

You said your character in KAMINEY taught you how to love. How's that?
Well you will know that only after you see Sweety (Priyanka's character) in KAMINEY. All I can say now is that she is 'one of a kind' girl. When Vishal (Bharadwaj) narrated me the character I literally jumped with excitement…she is not a typical Bollywood character, if you know what I mean! She is ready to go to any extent for her love, so much so that she is even ready to take to violence to protect her lover. She has no nakhras (attitude problem)…she is for real.

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And you learnt Marathi for Sweety?

"I am not ready to mingle at the moment."
Yes…I got myself a teacher to help me out with Marathi. My teacher even accompanied me to the sets so that I can carry on with my speech practice in between the shots.

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That's really impressive.
Well, that's me…I am not satisfied unless I am able to give my 100% to my film(s).

Shahid Kapoor is playing both Guddu and Charlie. Who do you like more?
Oh my God! Do I have to make a choice? Guddu is so sweet, but Charlie is so good-looking! (Bursts into laughter)

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You are playing 12 characters in WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE. So you are all set to break the record of Sanjeev Kumar, who portrayed nine characters in Naya Din Nayi Raat?
I have never thought of this! WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE is going to be a milestone in my career. It's about Hurman (Baweja) interacting with a girl from each of the 12 sun signs to decide which one to marry and that too within 10 days, and needless to say, I play all 12 girls from 12 sun signs! Imagine, people get to watch 12 Priyanka Chopras for one ticket…

Total paisa vasool?
(Giggles) Good in times of recession.

You are also doing Yash Raj's PYAAR IMPOSSIBLE?
Yes, but at the moment I can't say anything about it apart from the fact that this is the first time I will be working with Uday Chopra and the film will be directed by Jugal Hansraj.

Coming back to WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE, do you follow weekly astrology against your sun sign?
I don't believe in astrology. But if there is a newspaper or magazine lying in front of me, I do read my weekly or monthly forecast…just for time pass and fun…and then forget about it after sometime.

After a big release, every other actor talks about taking breaks. But we have hardly heard of you holidaying in the past one year…
Don't remind me of holidays, please. I have been wanting to go for a long holiday for the past one year. But I am such a workaholic that even on holiday I will be reading scripts or doing this or that.

What do you generally do when you get free time and you are at home?
I love to go on long drives. And also love spending times in book shops and DVD stores. I am a total gadget freak…I can spend hours trying out new ones.

Being one of the busiest actors of Bollywood, do you get eight hours of sleep?
I make sure I do…or else, today's lenses are too sensitive.

How will you react to the media buzz that Shahid Kapur and you are a couple?
I will say- Priyanka Chopra is single and not ready to mingle with anyone at the moment.


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