Interview : Priyanka Kothari

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What is your character in AGYAAT?
AGYAAT like BLARE WITCH PROJECT is a film within film… And obviously I play an actress in the film. After we land in deep rain forests of Sri Lanka, it starts raining and the shooting stops for the first few days. What transpires after that is the story of AGYAAT. Basically the film takes us into the unknown space.

Do you think the film is inspired from BLARE WITCH PROJECT?
Inspiration may be it is…. but it’s definitely not a remake of any film, be it Hindi or English.

We are intrigued by the promos, so what is killing all of you guys?
What is killing us is unknown…. It’s all about the feeling of fear. You will have to watch the film to know what is killing us.

Have you ever shot in real jungle before this? How was your experience? Did you experience any real danger?

“RGV gives his artists lot of freedom to improvise & emote.”

I never had an experience of shooting in any rain forest or jungle, and never ever been on a holiday … So shooting for AGYAAT was my first time in rain forest, it was for the very first time that I got to experience the real jungle…. Sounds and experience of jungle is not something one can explain in words… We were always surrounded by animals; our hotel was like a mini zoo. Since we were shooting in rain forest; there used to be lots of lizards and monkeys hanging around. The monkeys used to snatch away my sandwich. We used to change our routes daily because of the scare of wild elephants blocking our ways.

Rain forest usually has a very difficult climate and what did you hate about it?
Yes, the climate was a bit difficult and I hated its unpredictability. Some times it used to rain so much all of a sudden that we had to stall our shoots for days together. And once shooting was cancelled then it would be sunshine.

AGYAAT was being shot in the jungles of Sri Lanka… and that’s the time action against LTTE was in full force – any untoward incident
Yes, we were shooting in the forest, which was 40 / 50 kms away from the main city where the action was in full force… In fact there were multiple blasts in Colombo the very day we left from there for Sigiria. We had to face a lot of security hurdles while going back at the airport, we all were checked from top to toe, we had rounds of question and answers with the security officers and then we were allowed to go ahead. All our equipments were checked and checked again.

view AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN movie stills

view AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN movie stills

Working with RGV? What do you think about his penchant of horror genre? Do you think he is a better director in paranormal films or action films?
Working with RGV is always a different experience for all the films. I think he is good at what ever he does. The best thing I like about him is that he gives all his artists a lot of freedom to improvise and emote. He is a true director.

How difficult or easy it is to shoot if the film is set in a film…
According to me, it depends up on how you take it. It can be easy as well as difficult. For me it was not very easy neither very difficult.

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In your personal life, have you ever come across an incident that has had no explanation and you still struggle to explain?
I have not come across any such incidence but I have heard such stories from my grand mother.

What according to you is AGYAAT? And why should someone watch this film?
AGYAAT is an unknown fear. One should watch it to get scared and put their scariest imagination power to work.

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