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Interview : Rahul Bose

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Rahul Bose who’s known for his superior acting talent in art cinema is back in the scene for his forthcoming release THE JAPANESE WIFE, a film by Aparna Sen. Produced by Saregama India Ltd., THE JAPANESE WIFE is inspired from the Kunal Basu’s short story and stars actors including Rahul Bose, Raima Sen, Chigusa Takaku and veteran Moushumi Chatterjee. An International rugby player, writer, social activist and director, Rahul Bose shot to fame for his work in parallel films like ENGLISH, AUGUST, MR. & MRS. IYER, 15 PARK AVENUE etc.

Recently in a Press Conference held in Cinemax, we caught hold of Rahul Bose and asked him few questions on his new film. Excerpts –

Your best performances have come in all the 3 films by Aparna Sen. And now we’re told that your role is par excellence in THE JAPANESE WIFE.
THE JAPANESE WIFE is a lyrical love triangle between a Bengali mathematics teacher Snehamoy Chakrabarti played by me, who tutors students at a school in the Sundarbans and the two women in his life – his Japanese wife of 15 years, Miyage played by Chigusa Takaku, whom Snehamoy has never met and Sondhya played by Raima Sen, a widow who was chosen as his child bride but

‘The script of THE JAPANESE WIFE made me cry’

married elsewhere. Snehamoy and his Japanese wife live out their marriage in letters, thoughts, gifts and occasional telephonic conversations in broken English and then there is Snehamoy’s mashi played by Moushumi Chatterjee hovering around him all the time. So this film is a complete love story from the start till the end.

What was so striking about THE JAPANESE WIFE? Is it the story or ace filmmaker Aparna Sen?
I would say both! Forget me acting in this film, when I read the script, it almost made me cry. The story is overwhelming and heartbreakingly sensitive. And about Aparna Sen, she is a brilliant director and even this would be an understatement. We used to have our share of disagreements but after working for so long there is always mutual trust and respect which acts as a common factor. As per handling of subject is concerned her depth and mastery is unbelievable.

So do you think this film by Aparna will impress the audience as her last work?
Definitely, without a doubt yes! This directorial venture is a completely different one from what Aparna had done before. If the audience liked the love story in MR. & MRS. IYER then the double the amount of people will love THE JAPANESE WIFE.

Is your role in the film worthy enough for an award?
I don’t work to get an award. It’s always a bonus when I do but I work for my cerebral satisfaction. This film has witnessed the finest work by all actors be it Moushumi Chatterjee, Raima or even Chigusa, all of them deserve an award according to me.

You’re a multi-faceted person who is into acting, directing, and writing. What about singing?
Oh I’ve tried my hands there too. I sang for a Bengali film called ANURANAN

What next after THE JAPANESE WIFE?
Well my forthcoming films are FIRED which is a horror film. Then MUMBAI CHAKACHAK, I’AM, KUCH LOVE JAISA are in pipeline as well.

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