Interview : Rahul Vaidya


‘Rahul Vaidya: I want to promote ‘Fan’ as much as Shah Rukh Khan promoted CHENNAI EXPRESS’

Rahul Vaidya, who won several hearts with his charming looks in his debut album ‘Tera Intezar’ back in 2005, is ready to rock with his latest party anthem of the year ‘Fan’, released recently. In a quick chat, the ‘Be Intehaan’ singer gets frank with us about his new album, forthcoming projects and much more…


Your new single ‘Fan’ has touched one lakh views in just two days. What do you have to say about that?
I hadn’t expected this response just in two days. So yes I am very happy about it. Everybody who has heard the song has loved it. But I want to publicize it more. I want to promote it as much as Shah Rukh Khan did for CHENNAI EXPRESS. He in spite of being SRK has promoted CHENNAI EXPRESS so much so I am nothing in front of him.

Your album ‘Tera Intezar’ came in 2005. What made you come up with ‘Fan’ after almost a decade?
Now-a-days, you don’t see many albums because you need a lot to come out with music albums, for that matter, everything in Bollywood. I think you need lot of courage to come out of it and get these things rolling on your own. It requires lot of guts and I think I am very gutsy.

So what was the difference shooting for the two albums?
The difference in the two albums has been that I was then (in 2005) like a cricket player who was given a bat in hand when he had just learned to play. Now I am pro at it. I know I want to bat and I am searching for the bat. So the major difference is in me. The time is also different. Then my CDs were sold – almost one lakh copies. That decade was different. There is a huge change. Now everything is on mobile. In fact today even my driver was asking me ‘Sir, how do I get your song on my mobile?’ So yes things have changed in terms of technology and because of which my approach has also transformed.

So why did you not arrange a big launch for your album?
I believe in spending wisely. People who have these big launches feel happy. Wo logo ko daaru pilake aur khud pike khush hote hai. I would rather spend that money on promotions. I want my song to reach the audience. I will be happy if the song becomes popular. So I don’t think there is a need to do a launch and all. I don’t believe in show off.

Neither my look nor style is like Honey Singh’

This is your first association with Tips. How did it develop and what has been your experience like in working with this music giant?
I want to thank Ramesh ji, Tips and his whole team to help me release this album so wonderfully well. They have promoted the album very fiercely and nicely. They have put their heart and soul into it. I am very thankful to them. The experience has been fabulous. Interestingly, even Tips didn’t come out with any album after Atif Aslam’s ‘Doorie’ back in 2006. And then they agreed to release my single is indeed amazing. My association with Tips of course started with ‘Be Intehaan’ from RACE 2. Ramesh ji loves me a lot and I always enjoy his love. After RACE 2, we have always been in touch with each other. I am not someone who keeps in touch with someone only for work. If I like someone I stay in touch with them even if I am not working with them.

Is this just one time association or you have signed a contract with them? (something like Atif Aslam)
It is no contract but they said they would be happy to release more singles of mine. I just have to make and give it to them and they will execute.

You have always been a rage among young female fans. So who has been your craziest fan girl? Share any incident about her with us.
Thank you so much for that compliment. Anyway, there are quite a few crazy fan girls. 3-4 are there on the social networking websites. Jo mera surname lagake ghumte hai. But unfortunately I haven’t met any one of them. I feel bad about it. As much as I want to meet them and spend time with them, ironically I haven’t got the opportunity to meet them. There is this one crazy ‘fan’ girl who visits my building every day and gives something – a letter, bouquet, gifts etc. to the watchman. But whenever she comes I haven’t been able to meet her. But I hope to meet her soon.


Are you a die-hard fan of any artist? To what extent have you gone to show your affection to him/her?
Main khud ka bahot bada fan hoon. I love myself too much. I pamper myself a lot. I follow my heart rather than my mind. I work according to my wish. If I feel like working then I’ll work else I will rest. I feel happy by playing cricket on Sundays. I enjoying chilling with friends and drinking with them. I love talking to people, dance, sing etc. So yes that is how I show affection to myself!

How have your contemporaries reacted to your new album?
Well obviously, people say good things on your face but behind the back they may be condemning me. But I am hoping that all of them have liked my song. But my close friends have all complimented me for my song. My brother Mika Singh, Aditya Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Sonal Chauhan, Geeta Basra to Kamal R Khan everyone has appreciated me. It feels nice when your friends and families like your work. I am a family guy and I love being with friends. I am someone who admires any kind of appreciation that comes from these people.

‘I am Enrique Iglesias of India’

A lot of them have compared ‘Fan’ with Honey singh’s style of singing. What do you have to say about that?

I am the Enrique of India. If you see, I have not rapped in the song, I have sung the song. Honey Singh is a rapper. Wo rap kar kar ke famous hua hai. Maine rap bilkul bhi nahi kiya. Is gaane ka rapper is Badshah. So there is no point of comparison because neither my look nor my style is like Honey Singh. Just because I have sung a Punjabi song and that is the point of comparison between Honey Singh and me is not fair, I feel. And at the end Honey Singh is my brother. If people want to compare let them do. ‘Kuch toh log kahenge… Logon ka kaam hai kehna’

Talking about similarities, has anybody told you that you resemble a lot to Varun Dhawan?
Haan yaar… Many people told me that they have found Varun Dhawan and me similar in terms of looks. He is a good looking guy and it is amazing that people find us similar. In fact, today only a friend of mine was recording for his film HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIYA and he was like my god you guys resemble each other so much. So yes I like being compared to Varun Dhawan. Two dudes being compared to each other feels awesome!

So do we see you sing for Varun?
I would love to sing for him. I would hopefully do that soon. In fact, I was supposed to record a song for MAIN TERA HERO, but I was travelling and they had to urgently record the song, so I couldn’t lend my voice for the film.

Coming back to the topic, do you think the singles are back in vogue?
Of course the trend has started and for the good. Independent music is very important. It gives the singer his identity. The trend is coming and it is coming to stay. Bollywood will always be there and that craze will never decrease. But singing is their main thing. So if given an option they would want to create their own songs apart from playback singing.

Do we see you record for Bollywood? Tell us about your forthcoming projects…

Yesterday only I sang for a movie titled AMIT SAHNI KI LIST. It is a party song which you will definitely love it and it releases in June. I have also sung for Palash Mucchal about which I can’t reveal much. Also some singles would be coming from my end. I have kept a song ready. I will shoot for it in a couple of months. Thoda paisa kama loon shows se fir udaonga…!!