Interview : Rajkumar Hirani

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Rajkumar Hirani is a happy man these days; especially now that his film 3 IDIOTS is bagging numerous awards at all film award functions. The director chats up with our correspondent in Kolkata.

So, all your hard work for 3 IDIOTS is finally paying off…
The hard work has already been paid off…by the audience. The overwhelming response of the people…the faith they have showed towards the film…is our true reward. As for awards, it always feels good to be appreciated by your own fraternity.

What is the mantra that works behind the success of all your films-MUNNABHAI MBBS, LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI and 3 IDIOTS?
(Laughs) The mantra is to plan and execute properly. My road to success is not a rosy one. All my films have been as much appreciated as they have been criticized. Before the release of LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI, there were people who scowled at the Bapu-Munna combination. But when the film hit the theatres, they got their answer. Similarly, in 3 IDIOTS, there was this credit controversy. But now, I am sure everyone knows who deserves credit and for what. The mantra is a straight and simple one, like we showed in 3 IDIOTS -‘don’t run after success, let success run after you’.

3 IDIOTS also faced another problem, I guess?
And what was that?

Your differences with Aamir Khan?

“Now someone will want credit for MUNNABHAI also…”

No. That was totally a media speculation. Aamir and I were having lunch; we read the news, looked at each other and concentrated on the food. Don’t believe in everything that you write (smiles).

Can you deny that 3 IDIOTS has nothing to do with ‘Five Point Someone’?
The idea has been taken from the book, but when Abhijat (Joshi) started working on the script, we decided to give it a completely different treatment. It’s our script, our film. Now someone will come and want credit for MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERICA (jokingly).

What is the status of MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERICA?
Abhijat (Joshi) and I are still working on the script. We don’t want to hurry ourselves at the expense of Munna’s image.

Is this going to be the last of Munnabhai series?
Can’t say right now. Let’s leave that for time to decide.

You have always tried to fit actors in much younger roles…be it Sanjay Dutt as Munnabhai, or Aamir Khan as Rancho…
But they have fitted wonderfully into the characters. Tell me, can you think anyone as Munnabhai apart from Sanjay? Or associate any other actor with Rancho? For Munnabhai, I needed someone who will be a ‘bindaas’ person…a man with a golden heart. And for Rancho, I needed someone who has a perfect combination of innocence and maturity on their face. And, who better than Sanjay and Aamir to play Munna and Rancho?

All your films are under Vinod Chopra Productions (VCP). Ever think of making films for other production houses?
Never thought about it. VCP gives me all creative freedom a filmmaker needs for his films. So there is no reason to dissociate myself from their banner.

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