Interview : Rajpal Yadav

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You pick any film of Rajpal Yadav-either the terrorist he played in JUNGLE or the domestic help in films PYAAR TUNE KYA KIYA or WAQT; he gives an unique touch to each character he plays. These days he is busy promoting his films TOSS and YEH MERA INDIA. The actor in conversation with our Correspondent

From Day 1 when YEH MERA INDIA (Y.M.I) was announced, you are saying that it is a very special film for you. Why?
This film is very special to me and I feel proud and obliged to be associated to the film. Film showcases those questions which we imprint on our thoughts, believes, actions, missions, visions and live life with those unsolved and unanswered questions. We the team of Y.M.I has worked as a football team where the goal is the same of building an awareness but roles are different.

How was your experience working with director N Chandra?
Since childhood I used to watch films of N Chandra. I admired him immensely for the quality of work and direction he has under his belt. He has given fabulous master-pieces like TEZAAB, ANKUSH to the industry. And when he approached me with this film, I was more than happy and without a doubt I had to do the movie.

Tell us about your other film TOSS and what role you play in the film?
It is the story of childhood friends and how an incident can change lives, beliefs, relationships between them. All the friends tread a path where greed rules, death triumphs and relationship, bonding are buried deep inside tunnel holding no value.

How was your experience working under the direction of Ramesh Khatkar?
It is fast-paced film and Director has presented this film in a very interesting manner. He is hardworking and absolute passionate about his work.

What according you is the U.S.P of both of your films?
Y.M.I portrays the society and current situation and gives the answers and solutions which we are finding within the complexities of life. On the other hand, the presentation of TOSS is the USP of the film.

People feel that in real life you are as fun-loving and comedian…What you have to say about this?
What I do in films is my work and what I am good at. Professionally I am a comedian but in personal life I am a very suttle and serious person.

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