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Ram Gopal Varma is known for making films that rely on the factor of surprise, suspense and horror. No one in bollywood has the mastery and the single handed ability to sustain interest in myriad film themes that RGV does. With some of the most acclaimed films to his credit, RGV is getting set to unleash the high voltage drama of his new film PHOONK 2. After the success of its predecessor, RGV promises to test the audience’s grit with his latest release. We caught up with the filmmaker to talk about his cinema and more.

You film PHONK 2 is all set to release soon. What makes you believe that the audiences are going to like such a scary theme when they are being bombarded with romance and comic themes?
Let me make it very clear that the audiences do not only love romantic and comedy films alone. You cannot gauge the audiences taste just by the kind of films that are made for them. What the audience loves is engaging cinema and that can belong to any genre.

After PHOONK was well received by the audiences I decided to tread on its sequel. I’m confident that the audiences are going to have an experience of their life watching PHOONK 2. After all horror films are the most engaging themes in my opinion.

“My films respect the audiences taste…”

Horror films have suddenly become a favourite genre with you. Earlier it used to be gangster themes. Do you agree?

I love dark themes since they can offer rich cinematic experiences which a romantic or a comedy film might not entail. For me horror films require much more cinematic manipulation than any genre and that itself is exciting. In horror films you have to invent many ways to present the characters and you can flex your imagination to any extent in the portrayal of your characters or the incidents that place in the film.

The sheer use of wide cinematic applications makes horror genre one of my favourite. And same is the case with gangster themes.

Of late, most of the films that have been made by you don’t boast of a big star cast. Are you against the star system or you don’t want to work with them? What is the reason for this rebel streak?
I’m not against working with big stars. But my only contention is that working with a big star should have a big reason. The mere presence of a big name is not enough reason for a film to succeed. I’m very clear about working with established names. If my character requires it I would cast him or her. But, if my character doesn’t fit a big star there’s no need to have one.

view PHOONK 2 videos

view PHOONK 2 videos

Lately, I have been making films that don’t require a star to sell it. Whenever such situation arises where I need to work with big names I would be the first one to do that.

Many people say that you make films without caring for the audiences pulse. How would you counter that?
Laughs…By the way those who claim to know the audiences pulse are lying in real. “Gauging the audience’s mood” is a meaningless phrase. I mean how you know what the audience wants? For example if two people are sitting in a cafe who you have never met, how do you know what they like or dislike? It is impossible to talk about audiences taste is such categorical way. Keeping all this in mind, I guess my films respect the audiences taste much more than those who have started typecasting it.

In PHOONK you had dared audiences to watch the film alone and award them with cash prizes. What is your challenge for the audiences this time?
I believe PHOONK 2 has the making of all those things that will make you skip a beat. We have decided to award a cash prize of Rs five lakh to anyone who can watch PHOONK 2 without getting scared. And to judge this challenge properly, we will be using the ECG technique to measure the heartbeats of people who are up for this challenge.



Interview : Ram Gopal Verma 2

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