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Interview : Ram Sampat

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“Aamir is an amazing human being with insane amount of patience.”

Composer, singer and producer Ram Sampat is certainly on cloud nine these days. And why not, after all his song Bhaag D K Bose from the film DELHI BELLY, is topping the charts and has already become a sensation. Recently we caught up with the very talented Ram Sampat, music composer of Aamir Khan’s much touted film DELHI BELLY. Here are the excerpts.

The music of DELHI BELLY is really doing well. D K Bose song has become a huge rage. Were you expecting such kind of response
It’s fair to say we were expecting a response, but not the kind of overwhelming response we’ve received! I’m totally blown away by just how much it’s connected with people.

We hear DK Bose song was a last minute addition?
It wasn’t a last minute addition, but it took a while for me to get down to recording it. I had composed the melody but needed clarity on what the lyrics of the song should be about & Aamir guided us in that aspect. After that, it was done in two days.

Aamir is damn impressed with your work and he says a star is born what do you have to say about this? How was the experience working with perfectionist Aamir Khan? He gave inputs?
It’s an honour to be acknowledged by an artist like him. For me, it beats winning a Grammy. As a producer, he’s a composer’s dream because he loves his music! There’s a big misconception that he’s interfering. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is of the view that the best idea/ suggestion in the interest of the film must win. I had started working on the songs on my own initiative and when he heard them, he was excited. He could see what I was trying to do and only guided us along the way. He always consults the whole team and decisions are only made once everyone is convinced. He could be an autocratic producer if he chose to, but in actuality, he’s an amazing human being with an insane amount of patience. I learnt a lot from him.

Have you composed all the 10 tracks of DELHI BELLY?
Yes, I have.

view DELHI BELLY videos
view DELHI BELLY videos
Back then using expletives or abusive words was a topic of taboo in Indian society however the scenario has changed drastically. Now it has become a sort of trend to grab the attention. You think it’s right for publicity?
I think films that reflect the changing reality of society will also reflect the language of the times. It’s natural. There’s an honesty to Bhaag DK Bose. It reflects what our lives have become and has a context beyond the film. That’s one of the things art is meant to do – hold up a mirror to society. Of course, there will be people who will milk a trend for publicity, but that’s nothing new and there’s nothing to worry about. They’ll hop onto the next bandwagon that comes along!

Which is your favourite Aamir Khan song till date?
Pehlaa Nasha from the film JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDER.

Which instrument you like the most to use in your sound tracks?
Too many to mention, but today, it’s harmonica.

Which classic song would you love to remix?
None. Let classics be classics.

Are you a fan of Saigal sahab? Why you chose Saigal Blues for DELHI BELLY?
I’m a huge fan of K.L. Saigal. I think he’s India’s greatest blues singer. I had discussed this idea of paying a “Blues” tribute to Saigal Saheb with Abhinay Deo, the director of DELHI BELLY & Chetan Shashital (the singer & co-lyricist of the song), years ago. DELHI BELLY turned out to be the perfect vehicle for the song, as blues and roots music were huge influences on the soundtrack and I had a fearless producer like Aamir Khan, who is fascinated by history. I hope we can remind people of the phenomenal legacy of K.L. Saigal!

Which is your favourite rock band/Singer?
I’ve been listening to a lot of folk, roots, blues, punk & funk music in preparation for DELHI BELLY. My current favourite international singer is Manu Chao.

Which recent albums did you like?
“Dimanche a Bamako” by Amadou & Miriam, album produced by Manu Chao.

Your future projects?
A vacation. We’ll see what happens after that!

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