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Interview : Ranveer Singh & Sonakshi Sinha

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'Sonakshi stole my heart'

With their off-screen romance doing rounds, Bollywood's cool newbies Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha have teamed up for Phantom Production's debut film LOOTERA, to be directed by Vikramaditya Motwane of UDAAN fame. Our correspondent chats up the actors in Mumbai.

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LOOTERA is a love story set in the 1950s. Are you comfortable with this retro look?
Ranveer: I am very happy about it. This is the coolest look I have ever had. Retro is my favourite school of style. So I am more than happy.

Sonakshi: I am really excited about my Bengali look in the film. We have kept it the authentic way…Be it make-up, jewellery or clothes, we are stuck to the 1950s.

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How are you working on your looks in the film?
Ranveer: So far I have not got myself involved in the film. Whatever work has been done on my looks in the film that was done by our costume designer Suparnaji. I will start full preparations for the film in December…workshops, look of the character, body language, speech.

Sonakshi: Suparnaji has done a lot of research before making our looks a reality. As you can see…all of us are looking very authentic…from 1950s. Like I am playing a Bengali girl in the film and she has kept authenticity in my character.

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What are your expectations from LOOTERA?
Sonakshi: I am lucky that I got to work with such talented people so early in my career. Given the kind of film LOOTERA is, it is probably the most challenging role to date that I have got. I know I am in good hands. Vikramaditya Motwane is a fantastic director and I would give it my best. So, expectations are obviously very high.

Tell us about your on-screen chemistry.
Sonakshi: We haven't started shooting for the film yet. As and when we do, you will know it.

Ranveer: I remember Youtubing the trailer of DABANGG (Sonakshi's debut film) and when she delivered that dialogue-Thappar se darr nehin lagta saab, pyaar se lagta hai- she had me right there. So I have been wanting to work with her since then. I am very excited that it has finally happened and more than excited about the fact that Vikram is going to direct it. I am expecting something fantastic to come out of this collaboration.

Ranveer, are you a good lootera?
Ranveer: Main bahut accha lootera hoon. I will prove it next year by robbing your hearts.

Tell us who has the capability to steal your hearts?
Ranveer: After watching DABANGG, Sonakshi stole my heart. I was an awestruck audience.

Sonakshi: After BAND BAAJA BAARAAT, I have praised Ranveer so much that you people (media) even wove stories about us. But of course, he is a very talented actor and it's good that we are coming together in a film. I am looking forward to it.

As newcomers both you are working with some of the biggest names of the industry. How do you handle star tantrums?
Sonakshi: I don't handle it. I just do my work and be happy doing my work. After work, I return home and go to sleep. The next day I am back to work. I love what I am doing and as an actor that's the only thing important for me.

Ranveer: I just be myself. If people want to judge me let them do that. I will be what I am.

Sonakshi, industry buzz says you have put on weight. True?
Sonakshi: Seems people are very concerned about my weight (laughs). It's the same.

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