Interview : Ranvijay

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view TOSS videos

He attained stardom as the cool MTV Roadie and since then there has been no looking back for Rannvijay. The hot hunk is all set to make his debut in films with Ramesh Khatkar’s TOSS – THE FLIP OF DESTINY. The actor speaks to our Correspondent on his films, television and more.

Your fans have been waiting to see you foray into films?
(Laughs). That’s quite sometime now when TOSS was announced and then we completed the shooting. Even I have been waiting to see myself in films. But now it’s not only TOSS, I am doing five films and I am really enjoying the new life.

Five films sound real big.
Yes, it has been a while now. TOSS is something that everyone’s hopes are pinned to. It’s a great film…very real life. Besides this I have back-to-back releases. Once TOSS releases, I have Vipul Shah’s LONDON DREAMS followed by his next film ACTION REPLAY. Right now I am busy shooting for SHARAFAT GAYEE TEL LENE.

“I am just an actor.”

You must be on a new high?

(Smiles) Certainly. I always wanted to do films. It’s not that films were my first love and I would have in any case done films. But I grew up watching films. Then somehow Roadies happened and I got into television. These were all coincidences. I was all set to join the Indian Army. But when I forayed into television I was very sure that I would somehow now do films.

You must be enjoying your stint in Bollywood now!
Of course. See we are actors and now stars. So for us getting a good role always matters. I was lucky that TOSS was one film where the director thought I would fit into the role and I got through…slowly the others followed.

What’s your role in TOSS?
As I said that it’s a realistic film. It’s a story of three friends…how destiny changes their life… and how they fall apart and then come together. I play a carefree guy, Ryan, who loves life and at the same time he is god fearing, believes in destiny and takes life positively.

view TOSS movie stills

view TOSS movie stills

But TOSS got delayed for a while.
That was because of the multiplex strike and the recession. And it’s not from a big banner. So when it’s an independent filmmaker it takes a longer time for him to get the finances. And we all were with Ramesh (Khatkar) because he is a brilliant filmmaker. Actually Bollywood is witnessing some good films because of this new breed of independent filmmakers and scriptwriters.

Don’t you think they have also helped giving birth to some very good actors?
I would rather say that they have helped people like us who don’t come from a film background or who are not stars. We are just actors and they have given us roles which we fit into. At the same time they have sketched characters for us which are protagonists.

But you have also managed to get big banner films now.
(Laughs). They are big banners but I am not big. I just have good roles. Why will people go to see me in LONDON DREAMS when there are people like Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Similarly ACTION REPLAY is Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar’s film. But what is good is that I have got important roles to play in all these films. And at the same time I have got a chance to work alongside such big actors.

So it is soon going to be all quits to television? You have a huge fan following there…
No, no…. that’s not going to happen. I am really happy with MTV and so are they. I share a great bonding with the channel but understandably I am a lot busier today and won’t be able to devote so much time. We have worked out a new module and they are absolutely happy with the time I am giving them.

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