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There have been many films that have highlighted the various social issues that need to be addressed. But, none has dared to touch a subject that is not only a common occurrence, but the least talked one. Yes, we are talking about the issue of marital rape that is fast becoming an issue that needs to be addressed and brought out in the open space.

The film MITTAL VS MITTAL, which deals with the story of marital rape, is all set to release this week. We spoke to its lead actress Rituparna Sengupta, who plays the victim of marital rape in the film to talk about her act and much more. Here are the excerpts

Did you have any apprehensions about signing MITTAL VS MITTAL, a film that has rape as its centre point?
When I came to know about this film, it never occurred to me that I should say no to it because at the heart of the rape issue lies a sensitive subject that is least spoken about. In fact, I was excited to be part of this film which deals with the

“I have always surpassed my personal likes & dislikes”

issue of marital rape which has never been highlighted in the public before.

We hear that you went through a lot of research and preparation for your act in the film. Tell us more about it.
When Karan Ji (Karan Razdan) told me about the role that I would be playing in the film, I instantly had a liking to it since I felt that it would give me a rare opportunity to speak on behalf of a lot of women who have to bear with the trauma associated with marital rape.

With the help of Karan Ji, I did a detailed research of the trauma that is associated with marital rape. I incorporated all the detailed study in my portrayal and when you see the film, the suffering of marital rape is written all over my expressions. I have given my character the best I could and now it is up to the audiences to rate it.

view MITTAL VS MITTAL movie stills

view MITTAL VS MITTAL movie stills

Rohit Roy plays your husband in the film. What kind of chemistry did you guys share while working together?
Rohit Roy is a fantastic co-star. And the fact that we are both Bengalis added to our bonding. It was fun because we used to talk in Bengali most of the time and playing pranks was another regular thing between us. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rohit in the film.

I was talking to Rohit Roy earlier and he said that the rape scenes were so detailed that he sometimes felt shy about doing them.

Did you ever face a similar situation while shooting for the film?
I won’t say that my role was a cakewalk for me. But, as I already told you, for me the subject matter of the film was my biggest concern. My personal inhibitions never surfaced because I was too involved with my character. I felt I am speaking for a larger public through my act and this kept the comfort level going while performing some intimate scenes. Moreover, as an actor I have always surpassed my personal likes and dislikes. Once I chose to do a film, I will always remain embedded in my character and not in myself.

Give us two reasons why the audiences should watch MITTAL VS MITTAL?
The first reason would be the strength of this subject. I think the issue of marital rape has never been discussed on public platforms. Through this film we are trying to raise awareness about this ghastly act that is committed in every nook and corner of our country. It’s high time that we raise our voices against this mental and physical torture.

The second reason would be for the sheer pleasure of storytelling. All of us have worked hard on this film. The way Karan Ji has woven the subject is something one cannot afford to miss. Moreover, as actors, we have done perfect justice to this sensitive theme and everyone should go out and watch it to know more about the issue of marital rape.