Interview : Saif Ali Khan

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view LOVE AAJ KAL movie stills

view LOVE AAJ KAL movie stills

Saif Ali Khan marches to a different drummer’s beat. Be it his roles, or his love life, and now his new avatar as producer, the Chote Nawab knows how to live life king-size. Our correspondent is all ears while Saifu plays his witty self

Let’s start with a typical one… which is easier-acting or producing films?
At the moment, I don’t have a choice but to vote for acting. Know what, donning a producer’s hat is too strenuous-starting from pre-production, production and post-production, you have to be 100% involved in your project. And then, you don’t have the option to lay back since your money went into it.

Thankfully, my co-producer Dinesh (Vijan) shared most of the technical

‘Kareena and I are mirror images.’

hazards, while I was spared to handle the creative part of the project, like film promotion, trailors.

But the satisfaction must be greater as a producer than an actor?
Definitely the attachment is more. LOVE AAJ KAL is a small budget film. But we took care of even the minutest detail. And as the release date is nearing I am feeling nervous.

What’s the one thing that you realized that producers hate about actors?
Hate is too strong a word. But I would like to say that producers work under lot of time constraint and actors too must realize this value for time. Don’t tell anyone, but during the making of my film, there were times when I told myself ‘Heroji, can you please turn up earlier, it’s already lunchtime!’


Why did you decide to start your producer avatar with a love story?
Because everyone wants to watch a love story. And LOVE AAJ KAL is a fresh love story with fresh dialogues and fresh situations.

Don’t you want to try directing a film?
Don’t make me more nervous! Let me succeed as a producer and then see.

What do you believe in personally-Aaj -wala love, or Kal-wala love?
I would love to have the best of both worlds- a mixture of faith and commitment that represents yester-years’ love, and style and passion that stands for today’s love. Waise dekha jaaye toh emotions and sensations in love remain unchanged.

download LOVE AAJ KAL wallpapers

download LOVE AAJ KAL wallpapers

Have you seen KAMBAKKHT ISHQ?
Kareena is looking gorgeous!

I asked you a different question…
But you wanted this answer…

True. Since we are back to track Kareena, we would like to know what makes your relationship tick amid your busy bee status?
Kareena is a thorough professional and I too have become one, thanks to her. Both of us have lots of things in common…we love cinema and old tele-serials, Italian and Chinese food, exotic and adventurous holidays. We are emotional and headstrong. In a way, Kareena and I are mirror images of each other. And above all, we respect each other. So we really don’t have to force and stretch ourselves to keep ticking together.

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Kareena said you are perfect for her?
Did she? How sweet! But I don’t think I am perfect. In some departments I am good, some departments need more homework.

As in, I have a restless mind. I must learn to relax.

Are your kids fond of Kareena?
Yes, they bond quite well with her.

Are you more a friend or a father to Sara and Ibrahim?
Sara and Ibrahim are very well-brought up kids. I am more a friend to them than a dad. I can be in the same room even when Sara is on the phone; she has allowed me to see her Facebook wall. Ibrahim has the attitude of a rockstar. He likes to gel his hair and wear wristbands. (Smiles)

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