Interview : Sajid

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Interview : Sajid


They have given the film music a new definition with their fresh compositions. Be that HELLO BROTHER, MUJSE SHADI KAROGE, PARTNER, WELCOME or HELLO. The music director duo Sajid-Wajid continue to spin magic with every new film. Now, with news that Arbaaz Khan has signed the two for his upcoming maiden production DEBAANG, we caught with the melody maestros to talk about music and more.

Excerpts from a chat with Sajid of the famous Sajid-Wajid jodi.

We heard you will be composing music for Arbaaz Khan’s upcoming film DEBAANG. It seems the Khan family really loves your music that’s why you are a regular part of all their home productions. Is that a fact?
Actually, we come from a Gharana. Our family has long been associated with music and we have imbibed the family tradition well. As far as our relationship with the Khan Parivaar is concerned we have known each other for long. Salim Uncle (Salim Khan) has great sense of music. So, have all the three brothers Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail. We enjoy working with them since we share a similar outlook for the music compositions.

As far as Arbaaz’s new film is concerned, we have bagged this ambitious project and are excited about trying out some new things this time around.

“Pritam has his fingers firmly on the audiences pulse.”

What kind of music are you planning to compose for DEBAANG?
I guess the demands of every film are different. As far as DEBAANG is concerned, we will be trying to compose music which is not limited to a particular generation but cuts across all age barriers. The best part of our working with this project is the fact that Arbaaz has a great musical sense and his suggestions are our precious possessions. We are surely keeping our surprise factor alive with this film too like we have done in the past.

Do you think Bollywood is getting its melody back with the coming of new music directors on the scene?
Of course it is. If you look at the new music composers they have surely added some variety to the existing body of work. Though there was a phase in between when melody had completely disappeared from Bollywood, but now you see originality being the top priority of every filmmaker. As far as our jodi is concerned, we always believe that new talent should be encouraged and guided to maintain the popularity of our film music.



Among the contemporary music composers, who will you call your favorites?
Well, I like the music compositions of Pritam; I believe he has his fingers firmly on the audiences pulse. Besides that I also admire AR Rahman’s music which is something fresh and inspiring.

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What are some of your other films that you have composed for?
The films WANTED and VEER are some of their upcoming projects. The kind of fresh music you will hear in these films will surely give film music its new high. We have worked very hard on these projects and hope the audiences would love the music of these films too like they have done in the past.

Lastly, what do you have to say about the ‘copycat’ phenomenon that’s prevalent in Bollywood?
Well, I think the ‘copycat’ music composers still exist in Bollywood. But more than doing good they are giving the music industry a bad name. But the increasing awareness about the copyright rules is surely curbing such acts by the day. But let me add, the day we decide to become copycats, we will be the biggest of them all (laughs).

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