Interview : Salman Khan

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view VEER movie stills

view VEER movie stills

VEER has nothing special to offer…at least that’s what the reviews are saying; much contrary to the excitement audible in Salman Khan’s voice when he spoke to our correspondent hours before the film hit the theaters. Excerpts:

You seem really excited about VEER?
You can say VEER is my dream film. I had the storyline in my head for the past two decades. The entire team, especially the actors, has undergone a lot of hardship shooting for this film…from early morning till late evening, donning heavy costumes, carrying swords and riding horses…it’s not easy. Besides, we had to be extra careful to make sure that the film doesn’t turn out to be a mess.

But a period film, and that too such a big budget (Rs 60 crore approximately), is a risky project.

“No one knows Katrina better than me…”

My problem is I can only think big…everything has to be larger-than-life. Why do people hero-worship actors? It’s because they find their superhero in us. And if I am to involve myself in a project, I must go for something really big.

How far do you think a period film will work in today’s time?
Many people had cautioned me about this. There are many instances where a period film has not worked, but there are also films in this genre that have been applauded. I believe that you should make a film from your heart. VEER is a film closest to my heart.

What has been the response so far?
So far I have got very positive reactions from people who have seen it. Let’s see. It’s not right to jump at a conclusion just by reading reviews. People should go and watch the film and then say if they liked it or not.


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Where did you meet Zarine Khan and how did she become the leading lady in VEER?
I met Zarine at a Subhash Ghai shoot. We were just two weeks away from the shooting to start for VEER; but still had not zeroed on the heroine. I met Zarine and later showed her photos to Anil (Sharma), the director of the film.

Did you choose her because she is a Katrina Kaif look-alike?
No one knows Katrina better than I do and I am telling you Zarine does not look like Katrina. Why should I cast her look-alike when I can cast her in my film! There was always a new girl in mind when we started working on VEER.

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The buzz in the town says things are not right between you and Katrina. Will you like to comment?
I am a public figure. So people can ask me about my private life. But whether I will answer that or not is entirely my discretion. I never told people that I am seeing her…the media only speculated that. Now you guys are saying we have broken up. I won’t say anything now…let’s wait and watch…you will get your answer soon.

The next big release in the queue is Shah Rukh Khan’s MY NAME IS KHAN. Have you seen the promos?
Yes, I have. The promo looks good. I told Karan (Johar) the other day that he is looking very nice in the promos.

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