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Interview : Sameera Reddy



Sameera Reddy hasn’t been in the buzz recently. She was last seen in the multi-starrer film, DE DANA DAN which released in 2009. But now she’s back with RED ALERT-THE WAR WITHIN. Let’s find out more from the actress herself.

What goes through your mind when your film is just about to release?
Nothing. Actually, I think a lot before doing a film. But when a film is complete, I don’t think at all about it. It’s like marriage- you are stuck. I am very hyper when I read a script and have to decide about doing the film or not. After a film is over, it is all about how you promote it.

You are known for glamourous roles. So what made you do this de-glam role?
I did this film with Buddhadev Dasgupta called KAALPURUSH, which was de-glamourous. It won the National Award also. It changed my life. It changed me as an actress. I began to understand the nuances of acting. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons which prompted me to do RED ALERT.

” Im not here to titillate.”

Bollywood is fun. It has a lot of dance and music. It is fun doing roles like RACE where you are completely dumb. But to actually get into a role and understand the reason behind doing it is something else. It’s a very different high.
You are playing a naxalite in the film. Can you tell us more about your role?
The character that I’m playing is of a very run-of the-mill girl who gets raped by the police. She is picked up by a naxalite camp. Then she begins to understand the motives of the naxalites. The film is trying to say that nobody is born a terrorist. They take up terrorism because of some reason.

Were you skeptical about doing such a serious role?
It is just a responsibility. I had to make sure that I did not hurt anyone’s sentiments. It is a very hard hitting subject. You can’t take it lightly. People will ask you if you are on the government’s side or are you supporting the naxals. We are not taking any sides. We are just raising an issue and giving you a story around it.

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What was most challenging part about doing this role?
I have a soft face, and the fact that I had to show someone who was cold and hard hitting, and look like a naxalite, was difficult. When you are playing someone you are not, like I am very emotional and for me to play a role of a naxalite and use a gun was a challenge. For e.g. in RACE, playing dumb was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. Doing RACE was more difficult than RED ALERT.

We will see you holding a gun and shooting in this film. How comfortable were you with it?
I used a gun in MUSAFIR. At that time, it was very difficult. I held back and started shouting. It’s very weird to hold a gun with all the dust flying off.

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Do you feel the audience gets a message out of such hard hitting films?
I don’t know. The AIDS film, which was directed by Mira Nair didn’t do very well. I’ll be very honest. That was such a big let down for me. It had such a fabulous script. It was called THE MIGRATION and showed how the disease migrated. The only thing that people noticed was that I had a scene with Shiney Ahuja. That became the biggest thing and it really hurt me. I’m not here to titillate. I’m here to give a message. What is wrong with people? Obviously, they are not ready.

What are your future projects?
I have a film staring in September which I can’t talk about. You will know in a week about it. I have finished Nagesh Kukunoor’s YEH HONSLA which I’m waiting for Percept to release. Because of the global recession, many films were stalled. Now, a lot of them are being released.

You are doing many films down South…
Yes, it’s mind blowing in the South. They call me the busiest girl in town. My Tamil film, VAARANAM AAYIRAM won the National Award. I hope one of my Hindi films also wins one too.


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